Some Recent Drawings and Links about Drawing

*I prefer to draw with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus, or iPad pencil. 

Drawing can be a great place to escape to – a quiet, solitary place – where all seems right with the world.

I had a happy childhood, yet sometimes I found many things overwhelming, and drawing (or escaping into a book) helped me cope.

Two Pears
“Pear – sonable” I used: oil pastel, paint, charcoal, white texta, on white paper, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

When I turned to other less healthy ways to cope with life, I still drew; and when I nearly didn’t have a life at all, I continued to draw. When God saved me in my twenties – I drew and I drew and I drew….

Orange abstract
I used: charcoal, paint, oil pastel, sponge, smudge tools; in the “Art Set Pro” app.

 Quite a few years back, I wrote a poem, called “Creativity”; following, is a line from it.

“We can’t escape our Maker’s mark; from Whom comes our creative spark”.

Whatever field or form that may take…

So thankful to Jesus Christ, for my wonderful life.

Womans's face
I used: black paint, charcoal, white pencil, white texta, smudge tools; on white paper, in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of a woman's face
I did this in a delightful, fun to use app; called “Drawing Pad”.

As I continue to draw, and explore various media; and share some of my journey here – I hope you find my posts encouraging for your own drawing adventures.
Below are some links to some interesting sites, about drawing.

The Campaign for Drawing

On the above site, in the menu there is a link to the another site called The Big Draw. Here is a link to one of it’s pages; on which is a great video called “The Importance of Drawing” well worth watching.

“Learning by Drawing”. An article on a site called Australiasian Science.

Whether on iPad, android tablet…or paper – have fun drawing! 🙂

29 thoughts on “Some Recent Drawings and Links about Drawing

    1. Thank you. I love how the different media, is so natural looking in this app…does make it easy to identify! I hope still do a quick video of me, drawing on my iPad…my camera man (my youngest son) has been so busy at school, and this week its study and exams. Looks like he’ll be off to University next year…going to miss him, heaps. But they all do come home to visit, and sometimes come home again to live for a while…which is quite nice! 🙂 All the best, Janette

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  1. You are doing well as your own art therapist.

    I don’t think I could do as well drawing/painting with my finger. My fingers burn after an hour of some online game (played on a “smart phone,” making me feel stupid, later).

    When I “turned to less healthy ways to cope,” I drew/created less. The same was the case when I was “saved.” I just didn’t feel like drawing or crafting. I am not sure what I did. It’s like the whole world loses color, and somehow, somewhere, I just have to find a hiding place to heal/regroup. I prayed more, that’s for sure. But, I created much less…unless my prayers worked some magic beyond my sight range.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, a sort of art therapy…God given. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog; looks to me that you are quite a talented fellow…with an interesting writing style and content! Hope you get inspired again to do more drawing…all the best, Janette


    2. My blog doesn’t display half of my talent. For that, you should see my old blog. 🙂 That was nestled in a ghetto neighborhood of relationships gone awry where charity comes in the form of swag bags and 80s music video parties.

      Define “interesting writing style.” I’ve got a lil nervous tic from the words “interesting” and “style” over the years.

      Nice to meet you, Janette. I truly do love that name.

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    3. Well, I’m sure your other blog..(couldn’t see a link to it on your present blog) also reveals your “interesting style”‘ and talent..and I mean well, by these words. Just isn’t time or space for more elaboration. Thank you, for stopping by again and nice to say hi to you too….and for want of a better word “nice” you liked my name. All the best, Janette 🙂


    4. I don’t have the two linked. The first is sort of in the past. It’s another life, another world.

      Hmm. If your time is so short, then I think you haven’t truly found the talent or style. I think I am a slow-brewing tea you need to spend more time with to truly know.

      Stop by again some time.

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    5. Thanks for stopping by. I do think I’ve found my style and where my talents lie…but of course these things are always developing… Most importantly I have time for God, family, friends…and then, amid this, art is writing, which is how I like it – and that leaves not much time for commenting. 🙂 All the best, Janette


    6. No, not so …you haven’t understood. A misunderstanding – and there lies part of the reason why, comments….can be difficult especially when there is “no time” to elaborate. Have a good day.


  2. I agree Janette doing some kind of creativity helps us to cope with life, I find it is also very healing and a peaceful place to be. 🙂 Nice work, very lively and colorful as always. 🙂

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  3. I share your use of drawing to deal with life. When my son broke his arm while wearing a superman cape of all things, I was so worried after the hospital trip even after he’d fallen asleep. That night I drew him, soft cast and all, over & over. It helped calm me and now 30 years later, he has a record of his ill begotten attempt to fly!? Your drawings as always are filled with such passion and color which makes them inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so much Barb…you always comment so thoughtfully. How wonderful are sons! Glad he was alright. Yes, I do think art can be very soothing, though at times (not very often) a little frustrating if a drawing or painting, keeps veering away from where I want it to go. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day. ~ Janette


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