Flowers, Pears, Faces…in Pencil, Inkpen, and Wash…

For this quick sketch I used a dark sepia inkpen, and added washes of “natural brown” Inktense ink. It’s on A5 watercolour paper.

I snapped a photo of the line drawing before adding the washes on paper. Thought I’d firstly add some brown “gesinski” ink washes on it in the “Procreate” app to see what it would look like (and for fun).

Then over the washes I used some “Procreate” charcoal in various colours. You can see that unfold in the video below. I printed the colour version, which turned out quite well.

I’m yet to add colour to the original work…I may just keep it sepia toned.

Ink pen and watercolour – paper size 12cm x 9cm.

Below is a collection of small watercolours, inkpen, and pencil…A6 size and under… many faces – as usual. Pears, flowers, landscapes….and birds in the back ground are often my subject matter.

Mostly I work from memory and imagination – though years of drawing practice from observation, is a help in working this way.

There’s plenty of birds around where I live, and we encourage them to visit – as I mention in this post, here.

Sometimes I think my “faces” look a little too glum. Not a mood I mean to convey… I certainly tend to look on the bright side of things – easy to do when I know God loves me! †
Drawing of a woman’s Face
I’ve mounted some of my tiny artworks onto A6 (about 4” x 6”) heavyweight watercolour paper – such as this one. I like the look of it and makes for easier framing… if they get framed. I’m also experimenting with acrylic mediums and varnish over some, and sometimes attaching them to small canvases…

I’m thankful† for all my creative opportunities!

Thanks for viewing my art. Stay safe.

7 thoughts on “Flowers, Pears, Faces…in Pencil, Inkpen, and Wash…

  1. Hey, Jeanette… Like both the sepia and color versions of your very well-staged still life… As for your self portraits… Gloomy??… No… You are expressing the range of self-image… Your art and website convey quite a positive, curious-minded, upbeat artist… Tom

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    1. Thanks Tom! Tis fun to play around with still life arrangements. I suppose the “faces” I endlessly draw are partly self portraits – with aspects of a likeness, albeit a much younger me! (I do have one small photo of myself on my “About” page – and not likely to share more!) Certainly “faces” are a great way to express a mood or emotion (as I’ve seen in your wonderful portraits)…glad to hear they don’t come across as “gloomy” – and thanks for your encouraging words about my art and website – so kind of you to say so. Must scoot over to your lovely site soon; haven’t been around WordPress much lately. All the best, Janette


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