An illustrated Haiku (Haiga) – Drawn with Coloured Pencils in “Art Set Pro” app

Epic contrasts,

gentle patterns –

light shapes the world.

                                                       © Janette Leeds

Light falls across things in beautiful ways.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the screen, rather than use a stylus.

“For with you is the spring of life. In your light shall we see light.”
Psalms 36:9 WEB

In this drawing, I also used a wash of paint as a base, added a touch of smudging on the apple, and cropped it a little in iPhotos.

There are three smudging tools in “Art Set Pro”, which, along with it’s amazing natural looking media, makes it just that bit more versatile than other (lovely) art apps I use.

Lots to learn still about capturing the glow and fall of light in my work. I’ll keep practicing! Also it’s helpful to look closely at other artists, who manage this so well.

You can see great examples of this skill of capturing light, in the art work of Graham McQuade. And on his blog, his skills and talent, in composition and using watercolours and other media. As well, there is more of Graham McQuade’s wonderful work at his website,

I’ve counted my blessings, over the years, for the opportunity to draw, paint and write. When the kids were little, we’d often do this together and at other times – I’d have to scurry down sketches and words, amid the busyness of everyday life. Nevertheless, I found (find) looking after home and family,  is in itself, quite an inspiring and creative journey. 🙂

Now I have a little more time for my art and words, and the added fun of iPad art media.

Whatever your day may bring, I hope you have a happy and creative one!

12 thoughts on “An illustrated Haiku (Haiga) – Drawn with Coloured Pencils in “Art Set Pro” app

  1. You’ve done a great job capturing the light reflected in the apple skin and all around it. I wanted to say that the drawing at the top of your page with orange flowers is very attractive, you might consider designing textiles, gorgeous!!

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    1. Thank you…really enjoyed trying to get the light on the apple skin. The flowers at the top, I did in a lovely inky app called Zen Brush 2. There is a whole picture of it on a post, in the “Drawing” category. Actually, occaisionaly I do like to design patterns! Put some on my RedBubble store. Thanks again. Have a great day. 🙂


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