Some Sketches: Inkpen, Watercolour, Gouache, Art App Media…

Drawn with a dark sepia inkpen, and then added watercolour washes.

Mostly my art is inspired by scenes from home – my favourite place to be. I’m not often directly looking at the subject matter. However: bowls, teapots, fruit, a vase of flowers, pot-plants, the garden, gumtrees, paddocks, bushland, birds…are daily in view – providing many delightful shapes and colours; and different plays of light throughout the day. Thankful!†

A painting of a pear
Watercolour and gouache on highly textured, cotton watercolour paper.

I love to experiment with different paper surfaces; both for drawing and painting – and for inkjet printing. Roughly textured watercolour paper, can add quite an interesting element to my watercolours – as in my watercolour above.

It’s surprising how well many non-inkjet papers make for an effective print. My printer uses pigment ink and therefore, if I want to do further work on a print with watercolour or gouache… the ink doesn’t run. The print below is on a “cold press” type of watercolour paper. This link here has some info on different types of watercolour paper.

Still life
Firstly I did a small black and white inkpen sketch, then took it into the Procreate app and with my fingertip added colour. Then I did an inkjet print of it onto an A5 sheet of watercolour paper…was pleased how well the print turned out,
Still life watercolour and inkpen.
Inkpen and watercolour. The puddles of paint became “cauliflower’ shapes in places – little accidents which I kinda like.
Pears and birds drawing
Drawn with my fingertip in Procreate, using the Ink bleed pen, and the Stucco 1/ brush. Pears are often a favourite subject matter.
Inkpen and watercolour. Plenty of bushland around where I live .
Landscape with a small house
Inkpen and watercolour on cotton watercolour paper. Often this type of little dwelling appears in my landscapes.
Playing around with a brown inkpen and wash.
Drawn with my fingertip using the artist crayon, and dry ink in Procreate.

I like the graphic style of the above drawing. There are brushes in the Procreate app that really lend themselves to creating this type of look.

I particular like a brush called “Nikko Rull”. It can give my line-work a sort of Lino block print effect – as in the drawing below. I may have shared this drawing in a post a fair while back. Think I’ll use this brush again soon.

Painted with my fingertip, using media in Procreate.

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