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Watercolour and ink pen, on recycled cotton paper, in one of my A5 “Nero” sketchbook/journals.

The following collection of works are mainly in: ink pen, coloured pencil and watercolour… some in sketchbooks, and others on various types of paper. They are selected from my sketches I did in the past few months. I draw and paint most days, and sorting through them every so often, helps me see where I’ve been, and where I may go with my art. 

Aside from the fun of an everyday – when possible – art practice, there’s always something to learn, and a few even polish up to a reasonable finish. Many that are not up to scratch, and not in sketchbooks, are tossed away. However, I keep those that may have some merit, tucked away in a box (for further perusal and possible changes at some stage); some make an appearance here.

I often like to work relatively small, usually on A6 (approx.10cm x 15cm) or A5 (approx.14cm x 21cm) paper …with A4 (approx. 21cm x  29cm) and A3 (approx. 29cm x 42cm), about my upper limit.
I think a lot can be said visually, and verbally in a small space, perhaps that’s why I like writing Haiku – I share tips about writing them in this post here

However, even in a small space, there’s often a lot of mark making and note writing, before polishing either an image or words into a coherent (hopefully) finished piece – plenty of room to express something from the heart and mind, (whether anyone sees it or not). As for the type of writing I do on my blog, I can go on… a bit! 

You can read some of my illustrated poems/Haiku (which can perhaps be called Haiga, but that’s another story), via this link.

On my iPad I can make even very small drawings and paintings into large prints, which is handy. I share more about these areas on my page,  “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”.

I did a little, smaller than A6, drawing in watercolour and coloured pencil on the left. Then after some small changes on the right in Procreate, and using photo editing tools on the iPad, and increasing the pixel dimensions in the “Big Photo” app, I was able to do a good quality A3 print of it. I share about my printing processes here.
A selection of the tiny sketchbooks I make – I use linen/or other threads, or brads, or staples to bind them. These are about half the size of A6, and smaller – such as the tiny sketchbook I made at the back right, with the Bible Scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:4 on it. I used lovely Khadi cotton watercolour paper for this one. The one at the front left is a tiny bought sketchbook.
Ink pen and watercolour on recycled cotton paper in an A5 Nero sketchbook/journal.
Sepia ink pen, watercolour and graphite pencil, in one of my handmade sketchbooks. I used 150gsm Khadi paper.
Pentel Brush pen – a real fun pen to use – and watercolour, on A5 watercolour paper.
Ink pen, watercolour and watersoluble graphite pencil.

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11 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages and More…

  1. The “Fire” paintings are very moving. I had so many conflicting feelings when I saw them. I felt as if I had experienced it, and it was very upsetting. Then I felt so glad because the images and the artistry are so wonderful. Just wanted to tell you that. Also appreciated the Bible quote. I’m more traditional than modern, so that was a breath of fresh air…that is thousands of years old. Speaking in riddles I am these days.

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    1. Lovely words about the “Fire” paintings, thanks! To think that was last Summer, just before Covid times… what a year. Though not wanting to upset anyone…there’s the “salve” I think of artist and audience sharing… albeit separated in space and time… how’s that for a riddle making!🙂 So pleased you like the Scripture… written so many years ago, but always new. Have a great day!

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  2. We are all so different when we come to our sketching! I dislike small pages and love going big. At least we can all agree that a regular session of drawing is good for our art and our well being.😊

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    1. Thanks. Sometimes I find it difficult to get the tone dark enough with my watercolours, and I think careful use of of water-soluble graphite can bring some dark tones in, with out looking too muddy. They’re great just used by themselves too; love the feel of adding water to them, especially a line of the dark, heavier grade ones…

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