Hello, I’m Janette. I draw, paint, and occasionally write and illustrate poems - mostly haiku. I work in: watercolour, ink pen, pencil, acrylic..and at times, with my fingertip on an iPad. From some of my art I create high quality, inkjet art prints; producing them in my home-studio, in beautiful Gippsland, Australia. Thankful† Hope you... Continue Reading →

There’s much I’m investigating and experimenting with lately. Lots of mixed media work on paper, and little on canvas, and in between it all some work on the iPad - good fun!  It’s wonderful to have some work on the go, and ideas percolating, awaiting a brush or pen. And so exciting when they get... Continue Reading →

Some Drawings and Blog Changes

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus. Blog Changes I have just changed from my "Adelle" WordPress theme, to another responsive theme called, "Sketch". It allows me to show pics at a larger size and gives a nice clean look around them. I changed my header... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Blog.

Hi, great to have you here. This is my first post, well, the first one set to public viewing. I've been busy getting it all ready. I share with you here my my adventures in drawing and painting on an iPad; as well as my art in traditional media: watercolour, ink pen, pencil.... With a scattering of... Continue Reading →

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