Pencil, Charcoal, Paint…in “Art Set Pro” and a P.S Note

With my finger on the iPad screen – I built this up, much like I’d do with pencil on paper. Mostly drawn, from my imagination…though I always see plenty of dishes…around here!

P.S Note.

For a while, I unpublished my Facebook Artist page, as I was fed up their awful algorithms; (plus aspects of Facebook can just be annoying!) which meant, many people who followed my posts, were not shown them.

However I’ve recently republished it – as I know there were some, who found it handy to visit me there – Janette Leeds Art. (Updated 2019) And it’s quite easy to use the “publicise” button to send my posts their from this site.

P.S.S Once again fed up with facebook. I have left my page published, but with a bit of a note and a redirection to here – more info about that at the bottom of this post, here. (Updated 2020)

I now also have an Instagram Art site – @janette_leeds_art.

Enough of my meanderings.

Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Pencil, Charcoal, Paint…in “Art Set Pro” and a P.S Note

  1. Heh! I enjoy your meanderings – also love this piece – I may have said before but it reminds me of Renoir. They said it was as if he painted with balls of cotton wool. Your work is animated reminding me of the old early movies. Good stuff. Thanks KR

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    1. My goodness! Thank you, Ken, no don’t reckon you’ve mentioned Renoir…..high praise indeed! One of my favourite artists, I can only hope to have a glimmering of a glimmering, of any thing like his work in mine! Thanks again Ken…actually looking at a Renoir print I have on my wall now…sigh. Glad you enjoyed my meanderings. 🙂 All the best, Janette.


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