Watercolour on Paper – an Illustrated Haiku

Painted with watercolour onto paper, quite a few years back. From my homemade book, titled: ‘Poems from Home: a Collection of Illustrated Haiku’.

This “haiku” could be titled (as in the movie) ‘The Never Ending Story’. 🙂

However, “haiku” don’t traditionally have titles – mind you, my haiku, are not really the traditional type! More a modern day english version.

My “haiku” could be called “senryu”; and with illustrations, particularly in this collection, could be termed “haiga”.

Playing with words, and illustrating is all good funand descriptive terminoligy can be helpful, as long as it’s not too prescriptive, or for that matter restrictive. Before, I start “alliterating” or something, I better be off, plenty of washing still awaits my attention.

16 thoughts on “Watercolour on Paper – an Illustrated Haiku

  1. The Never Ending Story…isn’t that the truth! Speaking of which, the dryer just shut off. Time for the part of doing laundry I hate most — folding it! Loved the haiku and the illustration. It brightened my day for sure.

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    1. I did some practice sketches of folds recently — inspired by an article in one of my art magazines. Very tricky, but surprising, too. When I drew them, I hated them, but then later I looked back and realized I’d done better than I thought. You’re right. They are great to draw.

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    1. Thank you Paul, love your insight on it! Hadn’t quite seen that bigger picture, I blame it on all those bubbles! 🙂 Oh and thank you so much for the facebook share. And you called me a “colleague”, quite “chuffed” by that – this word is what came to mind – “pleased” didn’t seem to have the right edge to it 🙂 Don’t you just love words! All the best, Janette


    2. I had to look up “chuffed.” I love it! Words! Hey, we’re heading out for a big trip: week in Azores and another on the outskirts of Barcelona. A once in a lifetime, big trip. I may be posting; but, I’ll definitely be digi-painting. Talk with ya soon. P

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