A Watercolour Scanned into my iPad and a Haiku (Senryu)

This is another one of my illustrated haiku from my handmade book, “Poems from Home: a Collection of Illustrated Haiku.” I painted the watercolour on paper and wrote the haiku, quite a few years back.

About the Scan and Arrangement of My Haiku and Watercolour

I used the “Scanner Pro” app to scan my watercolour, into the iPad. Then from “Photos” imported it into the “Tayasui Sketches app, and with the white paint, painted out any shadows that had crept in around the image. Very handy. There’s a few art apps I can use for this purpose. I’m getting better at using the scanner, so shadows are not happening as much – and I can always white out shadows with an eraser in an art app – usually the “Procreate“ app.

I then took the watercolour into the “Pages” app, typed in the haiku and arranged it together with the image. I took a screenshot, and in the “Photos” section edited out any unwanted edges. There are also other ways and apps I can use to put the text with the image. It can sound complex, but it really is all quite easy and quick to do.

I’ve experimented a fair bit in the past year or so, with ways to best use my iPad for my art and words. Lots of fun, but still lots to learn. You can find out more about the apps I use in, “Some App Information”.

I mention in a previous post why I don’t call, these poems haiga. However, many of my illustrated poems, perhaps can be called, an english version of a haiga…hmm.

The haiku in this collection could also be recognised as senryu. I have spoken about haiku and senyru in my post, About Haiku and Tips on Writing Them. However, I’m certainly no expert in these matters.

More Information and Links about Senryu and Haiku

Below is a quote – a definition of the term senryu. Also some excellent online sites, where you can find more about haiku and related areas.

Firstly, the quote from Haiku Society of America under the page heading:

“Official Definitions of Haiku and Related Terms”


Definition: A senryu is a poem, structurally similar to haiku, that highlights the foibles of human nature, usually in a humorous or satiric way.

Notes: A senryu may or may not contain a season word or a grammatical break. Some Japanese senryu seem more like aphorisms, and some modern senryu in both Japanese and English avoid humor, becoming more like serious short poems in haiku form. There are also “borderline haiku/senryu”, which may seem like one or the other, depending on how the reader interprets them.”

Although my haiku above is not about human nature, as senryu often includes, I do use personification: a poetic device which suggests human characteristics in inanimate objects. I talk more about this device towards the bottom of this post.

Another great site is, The Haiku Foundation.

Below a Link to a lovely blog I follow.

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin. Ellen Grace Olinger.

Hope you are inspired to write some haiku of your own.

31 thoughts on “A Watercolour Scanned into my iPad and a Haiku (Senryu)

  1. I love how you are incorporating the online apps to create your artistic work. Beautifully done!🌻


    1. Thank you. 🙂 After I saw your comment, I thought I’d check what I wrote about the apps I use. Glad I did as, just before I’d published it I’d changed the way I’d put it together; but hadn’t changed the description of the process. So now if you wish, you can see my updated version. Actually I added quite a few more words to explain things. Glad you can edit after publishing! I notice on your lovely posts that you often point out how you do your artwork; its so interesting and informative. Thank you. Really do hope my blog is a help and encouragement to others. 🙂

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    2. Hi Janette – I will check out your up-dated version. I’m always interested in reading the process of others too!
      Happy day

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  2. Thanks for the helpful information about art apps. It does encourage me to experiment with apps. I’m sure it just takes a little time and patience in this new medium. 😊

    Your sketch of the shoes is lovely and has a lot of life in it. Well done. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I did the watercolour on paper (and the haiku) quite a few years ago. Just added that information to my post, incase people thought I painted it on my iPad. So glad we can edit published posts! Great to hear you are trying out iPad art. I prefer to use my finger, not a stylus…though I think it’s up to whatever feels the most comfortable. All the best, Janette. 🙂

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    2. Interesting that you use your finger for drawing. I have tried that and am not sure about buying a stylus. Maybe I’ll practice a bit more with finger drawing on my ipad. 😄. Cheers. Have a great weekend.


    3. Hi Maria, I love using my finger to paint and draw on my iPad, (think I’ll mention that more on my blog); maybe because it’s reminiscent of finger painting. 🙂 Tried an adjonit stylus; didn’t like it much. If you need to do detailed work, you can of course with some art apps, enlarge the area you are working on. Though I rarely feel the need to do that. Wondered if you’ve tried the “Art Set Pro” app; the media in this app, is quite amazing..it’s the one I mostly use. “Bamboo Paper” is pretty good..love the “Zen Brush” app..anyway keep practicing, it’s great you are giving it a go..Enjoy your weekend..all the best, Janette 🙂

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  3. Lovely to meet you Janette. Thank you for liking my on-line store.
    Lovely also to meet another Australian blogger.
    Keep up the good art..

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  4. This is a wonderful pair of trainers! I too have written the odd haiku (“odd” being the operative word probably!) and I love the idea of illustrating them.

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  5. Thank you for liking my last three posts! Its been awhile since I could post anything and haven’t had time to scrawl through other’s items. I love your sneakers and the photo you use as your ID.

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    1. Thank you Karin. Great to see you back in the blogosphere again; enjoyed all three posts. Loved your humming bird and your “6 x 6” painting. On my gravatar..i.d…are daisies I painted in the “Art Set Pro” app. It’s nice to be able to leave flowers on blog posts that I like. Hope you have a lovely day. Cheerio, Janette. 🙂


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