An “Ode to My Pencils…”

*Drawn with my fingertip on the iPad, in “Art Set Pro”. The poem was typed up in the “Phonto” app.

There’s quite a few of my poems, filed away, yet to be illustrated. This one I wrote very recently. I always like to show my poems with an my thinking I’m more skilled in my art than in my writing; so hope the artwork picks up, where the poem leaves off.

Of course, I continue to try and improve my skills in both spheres.

In this poem I use one of my favourite language devices, “personification” – which just means giving inanimate objects human feelings and characteristics. Things that I handle most days at home have: chatted, danced, waved, misbehaved..well at least they have in my poems! And I think my pencils, brushes…are no longer sad, but glad to have starred in this poem, on this big stage, online, and on my iPad. 🙂

I use this language device, “personification” throughout my book of illustrated haiku.

Perhaps you can think of an object to personify, have a go, it’s fun. Write a few sentences or a haiku : let that broom, clock, gumboot, or whatever you choose: think, speak, feel and/or to see what you come up with.

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