Drew it on my iPad; I drew it – not the app!

Drawn with my finger in the Art Set Pro app.

Since I began drawing and painting on my iPad, many people have misunderstood, what I’m doing.

Firstly, to put my small murmuring in context: I know it’s a blessing and a privilege to have access to these new technologies. For which I’m thankful.

For me, (and a growing number of artists) it’s simply, more great media and tools to do what I love to do: draw and paint (and write). Famous artist, David Hockney does amazing work on his iPad, and Andy Maitland is an artist who works exclusively on his iPad – love his work.

I’ve been surprised by some peoples’ reactions. 

1/ The assumption that I use some kind of techno tricks to create the image..and yes, running my finger around a glass screen is a different, techno way to do art; however, it still requires my usual art skills and years of training and at least a little of that illusive thing called talent – which still means lots of practice..and so on.

2/ Someone once once remarked..“the work on my iPad and my iPad art prints look just like my “real” work”?!..or something to that effect!

3/ Just generally an “Oh!” expression of surprise and approval – when I explain the “what” and “hows” of my iPad art, (especially if they give it a quick try themselves): where beforehand they were rather dismissive and negative.

I’ve seen great artworks created using various photoshop techniques; but I don’t use them. If I ever try some, I’ll certainly make that clear. I’m also impressed with a lot of digital art, created by artists who cleverly incorporate computer skills with their drawing and painting ability. But that’s quite unlike anything I do on my iPad, and certainly beyond my technological skills.

I love the: paper, canvas,  pencils, brushes, pens, paint…, these easy to use art apps supply – and continuously supply very cheaply: most art apps are well under ten dollars. Wonderful!

Love how vivid the colours and tones are on the screen, and my drawings and paintings print up really well.

One of my aims for my blog, and my Facebook page site, is to help unfold a picture (no pun intended) of the broad potental of their mark making properties.

On my page “About Some Art Apps, Other Apps and My Books”, I give an overview of art apps I most enjoy to sketch and splash about in.

That feels better..hope to be informative and ok, just a little bit of a whinge.

Welcome your views, thanks for stopping by.

Pink flowers in a pot
I used watercolour and coloured pencil in the “Bamboo Paper “app.

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