Quick Sketch using: marker pens, oil pastel, pencil…sponge in “Art Set Pro” app

A quick sketch tonight…wanted to try out the marker pens in “Art Set Pro” haven’t used them much. Also I was definitely due to draw or paint one those “faces” which I just love to do. I talk more on that in “About Drawing Faces”.

I drew this on grey paper; quite a few different coloured papers to choose from, in this art app.

Off to have a cup of tea…goodnight.. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Quick Sketch using: marker pens, oil pastel, pencil…sponge in “Art Set Pro” app

  1. Janette, Every time I see one of your sketches, I just keep thinking how closely your talent, gifts, and skills resemble witchcraft! (J/K!) Yes, I can write a decent haiku, but sketching, drawing, painting etc. — definitely aren’t in my skill set! hehe Keep on keeping on and I’ll keep on being amazed!


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    1. Well, thank you for the flattering comments, except for the “W” word; which from the (J/K!) after it I gather that means you were joking! 🙂 I can tell by your clever haiku you have a great sense of humor. By the way, I replied to your comment that I saw under my post you kindly reblogged..(thank you again for that) just letting you know it’s there, in case you didn’t see it. Be looking out for your great haiku, hmmm…perhaps I can amaze you again. 🙂


    1. Hi Wendie, how exciting, an iPad mini! I had one for about a year, did a great job and just recently bought an iPad air 2…bit of a luxury! Most free art apps, are horrible! However, there are a few good ones. 🙂 Of course “Art Set Pro” has a free version (an excellent app!) though with a limited amount of tools, which is the same for most of the free apps. But even so, what you do get with this one, and the following I mention is very good quality. “Tayasui Sketches” is pretty good. “Bamboo Paper” is good too. They all cost under ten dollars..in the bought versions, or Pro version as they are often called. I’ve just published a post today, that focuses on “Art Set Pro”. All the best…Janette. 🙂

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    2. “Zen Brush” is also a great free app, but like the others more options in the paid version.Just thought I’d mention, I do all my iPad art with my finger, I prefer it to a stylus…you may prefer it too! Have fun! 🙂


  2. Both my 10yo son and I have followed Janette’s wonderful suggestions and bought Art Set Pro. I only wish I could do 1/100th of the the things it can do. (Or that my son can do with it, for that matter!) Loving the iPad and art. It lets me ‘undo’ every time I fluff something. Which, to be honest given my extremely raw ‘talent’, is frequently 🙂

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