Watercolour on Paper: a Haiku – Haiga, from My “Poems from Home” Collection

There’s a lot of chattering of pots and pans, every time I go to my saucepan drawers. Sometimes it’s like all out war!

I grab for a saucepan lid, and it’s slid way up the back…I reach to get it and I’m: attacked by a metal grater, snapped at by saucepan handles, and held back by the corner of another lid, jammed in by the drawer beneath it – like a joint effort, to not let me in! By stealth and determination – most of the time I win.

Sometimes, they are in order, and I find just the right saucepan and lid quite easily. One day I plan to get more of these handy drawers – and have no more kneeling on the floor, trying to reach into a far corner of a low cupboard!

Over the years, there’s hardly been a dull moment in my kitchen. Just as well, as this is where as a mum (or “mom”) of four boys (now young men) I’ve spent many, many hours – and in the laundry.

I still make well worn paths around my kitchen and to the washing machine, but what a blessing it is, to have the privilege of a home and family.

Hope you enjoy my haiku and haiga and my post which, especially with the splash and play of “rhyme” and “personification”, seems to have almost turned into a poem!

Have a great day!

24 thoughts on “Watercolour on Paper: a Haiku – Haiga, from My “Poems from Home” Collection

  1. Lovely haiku and artwork.. I too battle with my pots and pan lids, except my knees are old and can’t take any weight upon them, so I blindly reached in and hope I grabbed the correct lid.. Love this post.. Bravo….

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

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  2. An old dish-rack inside your cupboard helps keep those lids organized. Works for me anyway. I like the haiku, the art-work and the story. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, for your encouraging words about my art and writing. I like the dish-rack idea, thanks again. 🙂 I may well, try it; I usually do like things to be orderly. Though getting these unruly saucepans etc, to behave could prove a difficult task! Love your haiku. Hope you have a lovely creative day. 🙂

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  3. I love your art work and your poem! It’s nice that you can make something as ordinary as pot and pans look so pretty and appealing! I do battle with my pans too. I have an interesting little spot where they can get trapped between the cabinet and the side of the stove!! Very frustrating!

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    1. Thank you…. I quite like to draw, paint and write about things around the home – my favourite place to be! I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog..love your posts, and the humour I see threading through them. Will have a further look, given time…meanwhile I look forward to seeing your future posts in my WordPress reader. Have a great day! ~ Janette. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Diane! I really enjoy your posts. You and your fellow bloggers at your wonderful blog, are quite a talented, inspiring group of writers! Have a great day. ~ Janette


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