Quick Sketches, Drawn in the Art Set Pro App

*I prefer to draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus, or an iPad pencil.

Some: faces, a mother and baby drawing, and a still life.

Mother and Baby Sketch
I used the wax crayons, sponge and graphite pencil. I haven’t used these crayons much…I really like them!
Still life sketch
Rushed around with the wax crayon – a quick imaginary still life. Used the sponge and a touch of graphite pencil.
Sketch of a woman
Used the brown paper surface; and began with a wash of light paint in the face area. Then drew the face with charcoal…used paint and sponge.
Resting woman
Did a little more layering of colour, with the wax crayon in this one

Have a great weekend!

26 thoughts on “Quick Sketches, Drawn in the Art Set Pro App

    1. Thanks Eleanor. I love this art app! All the media looks so naturalistic and it prints up really well. I reckon line and wash is just about my favourite technique…but then again, there are just so many ways I love to draw and paint. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your weekend. ~Janette.


    1. Always love to be an inspiration! Thank you Paul. So glad you are trying out Art Set Pro…I think you’ll really like it. I reckon the layout is delightful. Stopped by your blog the other day…(for cup of tea – though I do like coffee sometimes – and a chat…ha, ha) to thank you for your sharing of my post on Facebook…so thank you again, in case my comment got lost in the “never, never”of blog land.
      As always, looking forward to your future posts. ~ Janette. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you will try it again, it really is a delightful art app. I love it’s natural looking media, and it allows me to do work that looks just about the same, as drawings and paintings, I do on paper or canvas. Loved your recent self portrait! Hope you get to do one of your lovely artworks in Art Set Pro soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. All the best, Janette. πŸ™‚


  1. I’m a fan of ‘quick’ drawings; they tell me what the feeling was at the time, and I think sometimes are much better than a ‘finished’ piece. To para-quote an artist from the Melbourne NOW exhibition of 2013, which I visited many times: “The true collector values the unfinished work”. I like these, Janette! Wish I had an iPad so that I could join you…

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    1. Thank you. I tend to work quickly a lot of time. It’s good fun. I have begun to see some of these quicker ones as “finished” works! Sometimes I find I muck up a drawing or painting if I take too long. Reckon you would really enjoy an iPad; there are some lovely art apps and so many other creative types of apps available. All the best, Janette. πŸ™‚


  2. Wonderful work! I particularly like the still life, it reminds of a French artist whose name I can’t recall. Starts with an “L”, I think. (mid- life brain)

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    1. Thank you. It’s surprising how much detail you can get using your finger on an iPad screen. I can easily enlarge an area to work on if I want to, however I don’t really do that very often. Enjoy your day. ~ Janette. πŸ™‚

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