Some Of My iPad Art and About iPad Art Printing

I have drawn and painted quite a few “faces” in recent weeks. I used a range of media provided, in these amazing art apps. They look much like works I do on paper and canvas.

It’s so handy to draw and and paint this way. No set up of materials; I just flip open the iPad lid, and off I go. I get a lot more; sketching, experimenting and artworks completed, in a shorter space of time. Helpful, when time is sometimes difficult to find for my art and writing.

And the more you do, the better, to see where you are going!

Another sepia face drawing
I drew this with oil pastel and a bit of coloured pencil and smudge tools, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Much of the fun, when writing and drawing, is in the process, even when the end result is not always successful..

From iPad to Print.

I’ve exhibited my artwork (on paper and canvas) only a handful of times over the years. As well, as sharing some of it in the form of handmade books of illustrated poems.

I plan to exhibit my art again, at some stage. I also hope to print more of my illustrated poems, and turn a collection of them into and ebook, using a wonderful app called “Book Creator”.

Late last year I had an exhibition of my iPad art prints in our local cafe. It went well. There’s more information about it on my page, “Some App Information”.

I’ve experimented quite a bit with printing up my iPad art: as laser prints; on my home printer, and more recently as giclee prints, via uploading them from my iPad, to a printer:

Soft face 2
Paint, conte pastel and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

The prints are excellent and reasonably priced. *Update: now I’m able to print great quality prints at home; and these (along with work in traditional media) will serve well for any future exhibitions. 

Before printing my art I place a white border around them. I sometimes use a page in the Book Creator app, to do this; or more often use the “Pages” app.

Eggs in a red bowl
Playing about with the lovely greys and reds in “Zen Brush 2” app.  I love swishing the ink around in this app; hmm, not all that happy with this painting. Need to get to know more about the various effects of this ink, as with any new media. Well, that’s my excuse! 🙂
Pencil, colour wash drawing
Paint, graphite pencil, texta, smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

To enlarge all, please touch on one of the pics below.


Pencil drawing of woman standing
Used pencil and wax crayon in”Art Set Pro” app.
Charcoal face
The lovely charcoal in “Art Set Pro”.
A green plant
I used paint, pencil, wax crayon in “Art Set Pro”, on a brown paper surface.
Face of woman looking up
Painted this on a brown paper surface and used smudge tools, in “Art Set Pro”.

I’ve discovered blogging is like having an online art journal, and helps me: to sort out my art, try out ideas, and organise, develop and plan some of my art adventures; and with the bonus of sharing my journey with people from all over the world!

Hope also to be a help to others, and visa versa. I pray and try to follow God’s lead in all I do – a comfort and a blessing.

So God willing, I’ll get time to do all that I want to do, but whatever happens, I’m thankful†.

Hope you have a happy, creative and blessed weekend.

30 thoughts on “Some Of My iPad Art and About iPad Art Printing

  1. I’m a lover of homemade books; such fun to be able to hold them in my hand, but I’m just as eager to see your ebooks. I know what you mean about time being hard to find. For me sometimes it’s both time and energy after babysitting my 2 yr old grandson. Still I wouldn’t trade the hours I spend with both my grandsons. They also inspire my artwork:)

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment. Eventually – hope to get some ebooks completed…have made a start on a few!
      Sounds lovely to be enjoying time with your grandson…time with family is the most precious thing. 🙂 Have a great weekend. ~ Janette.


  2. Hey Janette – Being thankful is powerful mojo. Puts the trials of life in perspective, I find. You are developing great experience with creating and printing your digital art. Haven’t ventured into digital art yet – still trying to learn the real life materials. Thinking I better get an iPad and some of the apps you mention pretty soon or I will become an art dinosaur – extinct! Thanks for posting all the info on your digital works. – Tom

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    1. Thanks Tom… it’s great to get such positive feedback; iPad art is relatively new and still (as yet) not often seen in a favourable light! With all your great at skills and talent, you are sure to do well drawing and painting on an iPad. Yes, it’s good to be thankful in all things. Enjoy your day and weekend. ~ Janette. 🙂


  3. Your adventurous sketches on the iPad are wonderful. I like how you take advantage of what the programs offer for sketching. You’ve inspired me to get to work on my drawing app Procreate. 😄

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  4. I’ve enjoyed your works, janette. In this post, I particularly like the charcoal portrait, kinda looks a little like a very best old schoolfriend, and she was gorgeous! Good luck time-wise and with all your projects you have on the go. PS: Thanks for the tip re Code Ice online printing; they look a good company to deal with. Cheers to you! janina 🙂


    1. Thanks, Janina. 🙂 These “faces” are more imaginary, than portraits, so are a bit of a mix of features. Glad one of them, brought to mind your your schoolfriend! Shall see how I go with all these projects! Yes, reckon Code Ice Prints are a pretty good company and it’s great to be able to support an Australian Printer. All the best, Janette. 🙂


    2. Code Ice ‘tho sounds like an undercover police operation to find drug makers and drug dealers!!! Me, not into drugs, unless you call photography and computing drugs.

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    3. Funny 🙂 Though does sound a little shady! But is quite safe.. Enjoy your weekend. Yay! Daylight saving begins tonight, or rather after midnight….Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Goodnight. ~ Janette.


  5. I have to admit that when the notion of art by something like I-Pads passed my way, I had the same negative reaction I did to e-books over printed books. But what is really the important thing is to find that medium which allows to say “…and off I go. I get a lot more; sketching, experimenting and artworks completed, in a shorter space of time. So helpful, when time, for many good reasons, is still difficult to find for my art and writing. And the more you do, the better, to see where you are going!” The creative process is what is important, not the tools and materials. It would be like an acoustical guitarist turning to someone with an electric guitar and saying “that’s not really being a guitarist, and that really isn’t a true guitar.”

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your encouraging comment! Love the guitar analogy and your remark, “The creative process is what is important, not the tools and materials”; well said! 🙂 I greatly enjoy your photos and writing…and look forward to seeing your future posts. 🙂

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    1. Well, thank you! For this and your other lovely comment! Wonderful to have the opportunity to share our art and encourage each other, here in the blogosphere. Hope you spied my comment on your recent post. So looking forward to your next post and I love seeing your beautiful work on those Society 6 products! All the best, Janette 🙂

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  6. I know what you mean about the joys of tablet work! No art supplies, no mess, no setup – I just open up my tablet and draw! It’s what got me started again after years and years of not drawing.

    As always, really lovely work. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and for having a good look around my blog! I saw your recent bunny drawings, so lovely. You have quite a sensitive touch to your line and colour work. And as you know, this is can be the case, whether you draw on paper or a tablet! 🙂 Such good fun drawing and painting on my iPad. All the best, Janette

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