Some Paintings: Trying Out The Art App, “ArtRage”.

*I prefer to paint with my finger on the glass screen, rather than use a stylus, or iPad pencil.

In this past week, I experimented with the recently updated version of “ArtRage”.

If you are looking for a painterly experience, on an iPad – it’s also available on some android tablets – you will enjoy “ArtRage”. There is a rich “feel” when brushing on the paint or pushing thick paint about with the palette knife.

I tried the first version a little while back. It had far too much lag; quite disconcerting to see a brush stroke or line, appearing after you’ve rendered it! It looks like they’ve dealt well with this problem. Now there is only a tiny bit of lag – occasionally.

Pink flower painting
In this one, I applied the paint thickly and used the palette knife.
Pink flower painting 2
This is a close up of the above painting. You can see, near the bottom of the picture a yellowish green curved line of thick paint. This is applied from the tube. Good fun, to push into it with the palette knife.

The user-panel design in “ArtRage” is not as pretty, as the visually delicious, sets of paint tubes, oil pastels…and so on: in the “Art Set Pro” app. But it’s excellent mark making properties, are certainly on par with this app.

Watercolour of women's face
Mostly used the watercolour paint for this and a little pencil and oil pastel.

There is a range of media to choose from; so far, I’ve mainly used the paint. I also tried a little pencil and oil pastel; and smudged them with the palette knife. You can set the palette knife to different types of smudging effects.

Artwork from this app prints up well. An important consideration, when you want to bring images, out from an iPad (or other tablet) to birth them into prints. Hmm, that’s a strange sentence, but I’ll keep it…I suppose iPad art, is in itself quite strange; at least the concept is – however the experience “feels” surprisingly natural!

Painting of women's face
I enlarged this painting on the screen to work futher on some details…it’s still not finished.
Mother and baby painting
I used thick paint and palette knife. You can dial up or down the thickness of both, the palette knife and the brush.

There is a system of layers (though I don’t use them). You can paint and draw on them separately, and then merge them together.

Not something I’m familiar with. My studies and training are in the traditional arts and media; and building up an artwork on one surface is what I’m used to, and how I prefer to work.

“ArtRage” is a valuable addition to my growing array of art apps and other apps I use. I’ll share soon, about some more apps I’m experimenting with, which also help my iPad to become an increasingly valuable art studio.

Enjoy your day!

9 thoughts on “Some Paintings: Trying Out The Art App, “ArtRage”.

  1. Really glad you’ve found some value in ArtRage. It was my first go-to app on the iPad and was joined by Procreate and I still use both. But I added in Art Set Pro on your recommendation and find it good. It’s also great to look at, as you say. All three are great in their different ways. Layers are good for some things. I have many others of course. Trying them out is one of life’s necessities!!

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    1. Thank you for your comment – nice to know you are also, using all those apps. I don’t know many artists who do use them, but I can see it’s a growing field of interest…and why not, they are so useful and so much fun! They really are, becoming a “must” have, for the many creative things they enable me to do. Hope all is going well with your illustrations for the book text…including “Vicky the heroine”.. all the best, Janette. 🙂


  2. I keep coming back to these ArtRage pieces of yours. They’re so expressive. I’m hoping that I can deduce some technique and inspiration from them so that I can crank something out in that app. In the meantime, I’ll keep coming back.

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    1. Thank you…yes keeping busy. Getting time to blog (though good fun) can be difficult sometimes, and I’ll probably, like you and others, have a short break at some stage. Probably over some of summer season here in Australia…it’s spring here now. Hmmm, shall leave a note on the blog door when I do…meanwhile Lance, will be looking forward to seeing your inspiring posts coming through my reader. All the best, Janette. 🙂


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