Sharing A Bit More of My Art, Before My Blogging Break

* I draw and paint on the screen, using my finger, rather than use a stylus.

These are some of my recent works I drew and painted on my iPad and haven’t got around to sharing here yet.

I’ve ran out of time to make a video of me, or at least my finger, drawing and painting on the screen, this year. Hope to share some of them here next year! Among these pics are the  “face” drawings and paintings I often enjoy doing.

I’ll send through my Christmas post in a couple of hours. Nearly Christmas day – still a bit to do!

Still life drawing

Drawing of a woman
Another drawing from my preinstalled note app on my iPad air 2. *Now using an iPad Pro 10.5.
A sketch of a mug
Love this simple, fun app called “Drawing Pad”. A fun naturalistic drawer to pull out and choose media from – and the media is great!
A sketch of a woman
Another quick sketch in the “Drawing Pad” app.
Plant painting
Charcoal and paint in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Painting of a women's face
I began this in “Art Rage” and to smooth it over I used a smudge tool in the “Art Set Pro” app. Pity there doesn’t seem to be these tools in “Art Rage”, yet it is still an excellent art app.

Just touch on a pic below to enlarge them all.

Painting of Lemons
Playing about using the conte crayons and sponge in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Drawing of a woman's face
Started off with a mess of lines as you can see in the hair area…playing about in the “Art Set Pro” app.
Painting of a women's face
A quick try out of the art app “Procreate”, which I’m getting to like more and more each time I use!
Drawing of a woman's face
Swishing around oil pastel, paint and the smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app.

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