A Blog Review and Some of My iPad Artworks

This is drawn with finger in the “Art Set Pro” app.

Hi, back from my blogging break. I enjoyed the summer holidays, catching up on family time…drawing, painting, reading, jotting down notes, ideas, poem lines; and researching inkjet/ giclee printing, and making some of my own – good fun! – I’ll share a post about this soon. *I now also have more information on my page called, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”. 

Oh and of course house work; like to keep things ship shape at home. I often find the cleaning mode, is also good creative thinking time; which is just as well – with our family of four boys (young men now), there’s always been plenty of that to do! As you can see below, in a page from my (hand made) “Mother as Writer” Book,

Drawing with words
This is a scanned in drawing, to which I’ve added more work in an app called “Art Set Pro”, and put words on in the “Book Creator” app.

For Christmas, I got some lovely, vibrant Inktense pencils. I still love my traditional media, however, my iPad art has become an important part of how I do some art.

Blog Review

I’ve really enjoyed my first year of blogging.

Watercolour of woman's face
This is my scanned in Inktense watersoluble pencil drawing.
Women's face in watercolour
This is the scanned in, Inktense pencil drawing, now in the “Art Set Pro” app. After I added more paint, pencil and words, I cropped it in iPhotos.

This past year, I’ve laid down some foundational posts and pages on: drawing, writing  – mainly about haiku and haiga, and primarily about my iPad art and traditional art.

I’ve also posted many of my illustrated haiku, from my handmade book, “Poems from Home”. I’m yet to get far with turning my handmade books into ebooks, using the “Book Creator” app; mainly due to lack of time – but I’ll persevere.

For me, and perhaps for many of you, God and family comes first; art, writing and most other things have to fit in-between – and that’s fine.

Pears in pastel
Again, in just about my favourite app, “Art Set Pro”. Once more, using those lovely smudge tools, and oil pastel and paint.

I prefer to expound on the practical side of my art, in my blog writing; but hope my art and poems, present, or at the least point to, my love for God, family, everyday things…..

Soft focus of woman's face
Used paint, pencil, charcoal and the lovely smudge tools, in the “Art Set Pro” app.

I hope to post a video soon of me – at least my finger – drawing/painting on my iPad. My “camera man”, my youngest son, is off to University this year, but he’s shown me how to perch my good old iPad mini, (then had an iPad air 2 for a few years, and now use an iPad Pro 10.5) so I can do the filming. I think I’m too busy for the “empty nest” syndrome, but, I’ll sure miss him. Mind you, they leave, and come back, thankfully, and so on…

Lemon painting
Paint, white texta, smudge tools in the “Art Set Pro” app. Hmm, may crop more off the top of this pic.
Vase with fern
I began this with paint on canvas, scanned it in with the handy “Scanner Pro” app, and added more paint and some pencil, and used the smudge tools in “Art Set Pro”.

This year I’ll post as often as time permits, though aim for a least once a month.

Blogging – and I’ve even got used to the sound of this not so attractive word – continues to be a great way to record and share my creative adventures – with the opportunity to eventually, turn parts of it into a book – good fun!

Landscape drawing
An imaginary scene, painted in the “Art Set Pro” app. The white texta, helps make a vivid white.
Ink drawing of woman
This work I began in an app called “Crayon Style” and put the grey/black wash on in “Art Set Pro”.

I look forward to this year, in all ways; but aspire to live, one day at at a time.

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”
Matthew 6:34 KJV

Painting of woman in an orange top.
This is on a brown woven surface in”Art Set Pro”. Used paint, coloured pencil, smudge tools.

Lately, I tend to – as I usually do with the “faces” I draw – to work more from memory and imagination. However, I think drawing from observation; learning to “see” is always a vital component in learning to draw. I’ve stressed this point in drawing classes I’ve given. But I do believe, a bit of poetic licence, and whimsy are a part of the drawing experience. With so many (hmm, shan’t say how many) 😉 years of drawing experience behind me, I also feel more confident to do this.

Hope you get to do some drawing and/or painting this week: whether on paper, canvas, iPad or Android tablet! And thank you to fellow bloggers, for the many inspiring posts you share, and to all who take time to visit here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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