Some Artworks, Mostly using Media in the “Procreate” app.

Finally I’ve got back to trying out the app, “Procreate”. It’s what I call one of the more “complex” apps to use; and for a while I was quite put off by all the “bells” and “whistles”. There is myriad of choices in media and mark making tools; much of which I’m not keen to use at all. *Though most certainly, many artists use the media options that I don’t use, and do some wonderful work!

However, with a bit of searching about, within it’s busy looking interface, I’ve found some rather delightful naturalistic media – so much more suited to my tastes as a traditionally trained artist.

Vase of flowers painting
Painted in “Procreate”. Not a resolved painting. Enjoying trying out this app.
Drawing of woman's face
Quick sketch using graphite pencil in the “Procreate” app.

These works here, including the two I did in “Art Set Pro” I didn’t manage to bring to a completed stage. Though knowing when something is finished can be tricky sometimes!

I feel ready lately – after the past couple of years of experimentation with some excellent art apps – to complete more works, print them up and display them. I’m also keen to return to more of my traditional media, but mostly with the intention of mixing it in with a work begun on paper or canvas and finished in an art app.

Or beginning in an art app, printing it out  adding paint, watersoluble oil pastel…and an acrylic gel medium.

So many ideas, not enough time... a normal course of events, I’m sure, for many of us. 🙂

Nevertheless, with prayer and perseverance, all things are possible!

Orange mug painting
Used media in “Art Set Pro” app.
A still life painting
A quick try out of the gouache, and acrylic paint and some great brushes, in “Procreate”. Happy with the freshness of colour and the simple design of this pic.
Painting of a woman"s face
A quick sketch with the gouache and the “wet round brush” and the “wet flat brush” in the “Procreate”app.
Painting of a woman's face
Used media in the “Art Set Pro” app. Like some aspects of the colour and tones, but not really happy with this overall.

Hope you have the time and opportunity to pursue your creative interests today! Thanks for stopping by.

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