Recent Face Drawings: Watercolour, Inkpen, Coloured Pencil, Art App Media… and a P.S Note

*Watercolour, inkpen, graphite pencil and coloured pencil, on Canson 220 drawing paper: approx. 10cm x 15cm. I did this one a few months ago.

I’ve always drawn faces, since childhood – usually women. It’s often my “go to” when I’m trying out some art media ideas, and also I find it quite relaxing.

Woman’s face in coloured pencil...
Coloured pencil and watercolour on Canson Mi Teintes grey paper: approx. 10cm x 15cm.

A face can show much meaning and mood…though I don’t usually make a conscious effort to do that. I just quickly begin a sketch and see what unfolds. It’s always a rewarding drawing journey. I think by now I’ll have drawn thousands of faces.

Woman’s face
I began this in the Art Set Pro app – I use my finger tip. I love it’s naturalistic media, and the lovely looking user panel. I also did some further work on it Procreate, another wonderful art app. There’s more about apps I use on my page, “Some App Information”.

I have drawn portraits for people, and it’s often a fun challenge to get a likeness – sometimes stressful. These days I prefer to draw and paint them mostly from my imagination. However, I do think lots of drawing from “looking” is vital to develop effective drawing skills. 

I share more about drawing faces, here.

P.S Note

*TO THOSE OF YOU WHO FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK ART PAGE, I invite you to subscribe to my future posts via email, here; and/or see my art posts on Instagram, here. And thank you for your interest.

Unless I pay Facebook (which isn’t going to happen!) my posts are delivered to very few people – hopefully some of you will see this note! Therefore, and because of other various annoying aspects of running a Facebook page, I may not often put posts through there.

For now – in case people stumble upon it – I’ll leave my Facebook page open, with a redirection P.S note.

As it is, this website/blog (which I built on my oh so handy iPad) is really the home for sharing much of my art and writing; a sort of online art journal.

Very occasionally I “may” post something on Instagram. Though It is run by Facebook….and is similar to Facebook, in that not many people will see it.

Thank you for your attention, and thanks for visiting. Stay safe.

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