More Faces – a Mix of Traditional and iPad Art App Media

As is usual, a favourite “go to” subject matter when experimenting with media, is to draw or paint a women’s face. I also employ a “face” as a way to convey a mood or emotion. They are mostly imaginary. Sometimes I can see a inkling of a likeness to me, though perhaps a younger and prettier version! I say more about all of this on a post, called  “About Drawing Faces”.

Below, are process pics for this one above. Further along is a gallery of more”faces”. Some I began on paper, then scanned them in with the “Scanner Pro” app – which I often find more effective than taking a photo. I love the way the scanner, picked up the pretty nuances of the smooth “Arches” Watercolour paper. To enlarge all, please touch on one pic.

I often draw a “face” looking downwards, perhaps from looking down at my four boys over the years. Now I have to look up; they are all over 6 foot tall!.

I put a photo of me on my “About” page recently, where I’m looking down at my grand niece, though you can’t see her. Not keen on having my photo taken; they are scarce. I’ll get onto having more taken, because I think the kid’s would appreciate it. Here’s a “link” if you wish to have a look.

A Few Drawing Points

When I’ve taught drawing, I always stress the importance of learning to draw from keen observation – to draw what you “see”. If (or when) you choose to move away from this, these acquired skills can still help and inform your work.

When drawing faces, whether imaginary or not, I often make the common mistakes: of placing the eyes too high, and the space between them too wide, and the space between the nose and lips too wide… But I “know” and can see when I do this, but I often “choose” to go with it – sometimes because I’ve put too much detail in, too soon – and don’t want to redo it!

Some of the expressions on these pics, are a bit serious and glum – unintentionally. *I draw and paint with my finger, on the iPad – rather than use a stylus. 

*To enlarge them all, please touch on one pic.

Thank you for viewing my work; have a great day!

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