A Video – Sketching on my iPad

I’ve mentioned about placing a video here of me (at least of my finger) drawing and painting on the iPad. Finally, I’ve (ok, my hand) has made it to the big, or rather the small screen.

You may have seen videos of artists, swishing about with their media, with great mood music playing in the background, wonderful camera angles and lighting – well, this isn’t one of them. *The video is a little further along.

There was the sound of tip tapping of dog paws  – our two cute Jack Russels – across the dining room floor; and me telling them to shoosh. As well, a few whisperings between my youngest son – the camera man – and I.

I managed to edit out the sound, and even put some captions on the video. However, by the time I’d figured out how to do this, I’d lost all momentum to figure out how to add music…

Importantly, you can see the iPad screen clearly, and me drawing, “albeit”  (such, a lovely old fashioned expression) just a bit of sketching – certainly not a masterpiece. 😉 It may not be as arty looking as seeing someone flourishing a brush, yet, the process feels surprisingly – given the somewhat oddity of it all – similar, and for me, just as rewarding. I’m using the lovely natural looking media, in the app “Art Set Pro”, which has a particularly visually appealing user panel.

I’ll continue to share on occaisions, the easier video option, where you can see my drawing unfolding – recorded from within an art app. But, I think my finger’s moment of fame is to be short lived.  No time for these shenanigans, there’s: dinner to cook, dogs to walk, family to chat with…

Nevertheless, I hope this little video, is helpful in giving you some further insights into iPad art.

I sometimes mix my iPad art and traditional art together, in the same drawing/painting. You can see some examples of this in a recent post.

Thank you for your time in reading this; and viewing my video.

4 thoughts on “A Video – Sketching on my iPad

    1. You are welcome! Thank you! My iPad art is a wonderful addition to my traditional art. My finished iPad artworks, look very much like works I do in traditional media – it also prints up well. I think many people don’t as yet realise, the potential of drawing and painting in this way. Reckon your daughter may well enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for that Janette – so – if I buy an iPad tablet (I have an OSX El Capitan 27″ computer) – what art apps comes automatically with it – and what is needed to be bought as extras (apps.)? In order to produce good art.


    1. I don’t recall any art apps, actually coming with the iPad. Some of the art apps I first tried were terrible! I eventually found ones that had great naturalistic media; most are under $10.00 – Australian dollars. There’s info on apps I use, on a page I put on my blog – here’s a link. Don’t know of that model computer; but then, I rarely if ever, use a computer for anything!

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