Flowers 1.P – Fineliner Pen on Paper, with Hand Painted Colour in an Art App.

This drawing was inspired by a sprig of geranium I’d placed into some water on the windowsill in the kitchen. I admired it’s pretty shapes, colour and hardiness; as it continued to bud and flower all week long.

I raced around a small sheet of watercolour paper (not aiming for an exact likeness) with my fineliner (artline) pen. Then followed with a whoosh of a wet brush across the watersoluble line work. Not quite knowing where the ink will flow is part of the fun; though I did try and direct it to some extent. Then I scanned it in with the “Scanner Pro” app, and took it into “Procreate”, where I hand painted in some colour. *A little more info on captions on the pics below.

I’ve often illustrated my poems with a fineliner pen; usually finishing with washes of watercolour. *Please tap on an image to enlarge and read the captions.

When I add further media, whether on paper or on the iPad, I try to not “overdo” it, so as not to detract from the fresh, spontaneous look that I aim for.

It printed up well on my pigment ink printer. I love that printing it gives my fineliner (artline) pen drawing – which is apt to fade – a fade resistant, archival home. And also handy that from a small work, I can print it up to an A3 size or larger.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break. Thanks for visiting!

“He is not here, for he has risen, just like he said. Come, see the place where the Lord was lying.”
Matthew 28:6 WEB

2 thoughts on “Flowers 1.P – Fineliner Pen on Paper, with Hand Painted Colour in an Art App.

  1. Lovely, Janette – I agree with your rule of not overdoing it, and I think you judged a perfect point to consider this piece complete. It’s always touch & go as to whether a piece is ‘finished.’ What’s so nice in doing color & detail work in a computer app as you did is, you can delete and reinstate each step as you go to judge if it enhances the image. I’m finally learning some painting on Photoshop & find that ability valuable. I do love the ‘happy accidents’ of black line bleeding into watercolor too!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! It certainly does help to prevent overdoing things, when you can undo steps on the iPad…or on a computer…I don’t think of the iPad as a computer, but suppose it sort of is. Glad you are enjoying your venture into Photoshop. I’m a big fan of your work, and I’m sure you’ll do some lovely art on there! Seems many artists use it’s various programs – though I don’t know much about it. Have a great day. 🙂 All the best, Janette

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