A Miniature Watercolour – Inklings of Autumn

I painted this with Sennelier watercolour, on Strathmore hot pressed %100 cotton paper. It’s approx. 7cm (3”) x 10.5 cm (4”) in size. I began with a scratching of blue coloured pencil; and then put a little coloured pencil over the watercolour as well.

I love miniatures in art, and words – a lot can be said in a small space!

Enjoy your weekend.

6 thoughts on “A Miniature Watercolour – Inklings of Autumn

  1. Janette, your color and texture are beautiful in this piece! I love loose watercolor sketches like this, they capture something in the spontaneity of nature that gets lost in more worked-over pieces. Bravo!

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    1. Thank you Pat! I was pleased I managed not to overwork this one (for a change!) – which can so easily happen in watercolours. I began with a scratching of blue coloured pencil, and added a little coloured pencil over the watercolour, which I forgot to mention, but have now added to the post. The scan makes it a little brighter,…hmm, I may dab a touch more watercolour to the original – very carefully!! 🙂

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  2. Hi Janette, Here in Castlemaine, the trees are just beginning to colour. However around Mt. Franklin and Trentham, there are trees in full colour. I am wondering how the dryness of summer and early autumn will affect the autumn colours this year.

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    1. Hi Margaret…. certainly dry here in East Gippsland as well…however, there’s a few trees about bravely showing their Autumn colours. Don’t know your part of Victoria well…. your photos are lovely, as are your artworks! Nice to say hi to a fellow Aussie blogger. A pleasant sunny day here today, though some rain would be great! Enjoy your day. All the best, Janette 🙂


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