Flowers in a Vase – Watercolour

Watercolour, graphite pencil, watersoluble pencils, watersoluble Inktense pencil and gouache, on Strathmore mixed media paper – approx. 5” x7”.

Day 9 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

I began with washes of Sennelier watercolours, and dabbed on some Caran d’Ache gouache in places, and white Art Spectrum gouache.

To get the added brightness I wanted in the background, I also used a watersoluble Inktense pencil called “Bright Blue”; it lived up to it’s name! When I use watersoluble pencils I often run a wet brush across the ends of them to create a wash. A curl in the paper caused a shadow around some edges when I scanned it in (used the “Scanner Pro” app) so I removed them with the eraser in the “Procreate” app.

Enjoying this watercolour challenge! Thanks for stopping by.

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