Mug and Teapot – Watercolour and Gouache

I began with a sketch in watersoluble graphite pencil, on Strathmore 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper. Then added watercolour and gouache. The size is approx. 5” x 3.5”.

Day 17 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

This is one of the two teapots we have on the go here at home – a large stainless steel one, and this small red teapot, (though I’ve given it a more magenta hue.) Actually, we have a small collection of teapots.

A cup of tea, or more likely a big mug of tea, is a favourite beverage here at home. Always made with loose tea in the pot; not teabags!

A little study, with a rather simple composition. I dabbed on a bit more colour after I took this photo, though it looks much the same. For the photo, I lay it inside a small black mat board, which helped offset my rather heavy hand in some of the colour work.

I didn’t manage the looseness I wanted, but it was an interesting journey, which I finished with a nice cup of tea.

Cheerio for now!

5 thoughts on “Mug and Teapot – Watercolour and Gouache

    1. I love how the different surfaces effect watercolour washes. It’s fun experimenting, and certainly an interesting journey. There is also a “rough” watercolour paper, though I’ve only tried it a little, a long while back – may get some more of it. I really like the Strathmore brand of watercolour paper. I’m enjoying your lovely watercolours Maureen! 🙂

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