Watercolour and gouache, on 5”x 7” Strathmore hot pressed 300gsm paper.

Day 23 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

I began with a wash of reddish orange watercolour and an idea, and followed it along….

I managed to keep the washes fairly loose (yay!); and as I wanted a soft painterly look, I didn’t use an under drawing, or any pencil at all, just the tip of the brushes. I used white gouache with watercolour to make the skin colours.

In general I was pleased how it turned out, but now I can see little marks on the face (and elsewhere!) that I’d like to change.

Part of what I find challenging, about this challenge, is before sharing a painting online, there isn’t time to rest it, so as to see where you may want to make some final alterations. However, it does help prevent me from overworking something, which I’m prone to do.

Cheerio, till tomorrow, and yet another painting!

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