At the Quarry

Watercolour, graphite pencil, watersoluble pencils, on 4” x 6” Arches 300gsm, watercolour paper.

Day 26 of the World Watercolour Month challenge.

These are rocky outcrops along the edges of our local creek, in an area called “the Quarry”.  

It’s a popular swimming spot, with quite clean, clear water…though the colour of the water may not suggest that. The reference photo showed the reflection of the surrounding trees, however, I think I should of curtailed some of the green. I can see the advantages of plein air painting (I rarely do it). At the least, for gathering some colour notes, and compositional ideas, along with a photo.

In all, this was rather a “rocky” painting journey. 🙂 Nevertheless some aspects of it turned out ok. I think the graphite pencil was a great help, both under and over the painting. Sort of suited the subject matter, and steered me into a better outcome. 

Always something to learn – on with the next one tomorrow; hmmm maybe not a landscape…

Thanks for visiting! 

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