A Gathering of Pears – Ink Pen and Wash

A drawing of pears
This is the finished ink pen and wash drawing. Two process images below.

Pears are another favourite subject matter of mine; these are sitting, in a shallow dish on our dining table. I usually make a display of them there; as much to draw them, as to eat them.

I love their shapes and colours; the way they lean into each other, and with their elegant stems arching this way and that, they appear to be enjoying a chat. Brown markings are starting to appear on their skin – I’ve been admiring them a little too long…

This link here, is to post I did of iPad pear paintings – accompanied with some word play. 

I began with a Uni-ball ink pen.

When I started to add some black Inktense block washes, my brush accidentally slipped across a colour called “natural brown”, so I decided to use that as well – which created pleasant sepia tones.

Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Gathering of Pears – Ink Pen and Wash

    1. Thank you Kath, for your lovely comment! And for your follow on Instagram, as you probably noticed I have comments off over there – at least for now. A handy option, as I sort scoot in and out of there, preferring to base myself here at WordPress. Sometimes I have the comments off for here too… but there’s always the contact form, or Facebook or Instagram….. certainly the online world can be a busy place! Love seeing your art on Instagram and Facebook. You really are quite masterful with your ink pen — and other art media! I noticed you don’t have a site in WordPress anymore… but so glad you are still sharing your exquisite art online! Well, hope you enjoy this fine Aussie Spring weather today; though we do need some rain! All the best, Janette

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    2. Hi Kath, yep, hard to fit everything in, in a day. A picture book sounds exciting! Hope to get back to making some of my illustrated books soon; used to print them, and bind them myself, and sell them locally – good fun. 🙂 I’ll catch up with your art and creative news on Instagram. Only a little shower here so far, think it’s skirted around us! All the best, Janette 🌻


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