Flowers and Trees – in Ink Pen and a Mix of Media

Ink pen, Inktense block washes, some pencil work, and gouache – on A4 Quill Kraft paper.

I’ve also printed this mixed media drawing in pigment ink, with my inkjet printer, on A3 Canson 220gsm paper; and applied some coloured pencil to it.

I thoroughly enjoyed Inktober, and the opportunity to use lots of line work – not that I need need an excuse to do that! I often swish about lots of lines when I draw.

I didn’t do an ink drawing and post it everyday, (though I usually draw everyday) as I found, when participating in the “WorldWatercolourMonth” challenge, it’s quite demanding getting time to daily deliver something online.

Below are some ink works I did this month, including one using the ink in the Zen Brush 2 app, and in the Sketches app, which also includes some of it’s paint media – glad digital ink could be included in Inktober. *To enlarge the images, and read the captions, please tap on one of them.

I’ll probably print some of these as well…and perhaps add some more media in an art app along the way, and/or traditional media to the print – and on it goes. Good fun!

Enjoy your day!

11 thoughts on “Flowers and Trees – in Ink Pen and a Mix of Media

  1. i like the flow in the first painting with both lines and colour and the treetrunks which twist into anthropomorphic shapes and then into birds or both: maybe they’re not even tree trunks. Worth developing this.

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    1. Thank you so much Graham for your thoughtful insights. I love your work!…and your comment has really encouraged me. Our Australian trees and bush, certainly lend themselves to a bit of abstraction….and there’s a lot of Magpies (and other lovely birdlife) around here.
      With landscapes, I sort of get lost in the woods 🙂 so speak, but I intend to pursue it. I think line work will help me along the way. All the best, Janette

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