Recent Artwork and Prints – Ink Pen, Watercolour Wash, Zen Brush 2…

*Dark sepia, Faber Castell artist pen, Inktense block and watercolour washes, drawn in a favourite A4 sketch journal.

Watercolour painting

Painted with watercolour and a black Pentel Brush pen in my A4 journal. They began as seperate pieces, but seem to work well together.

Print of Zen Brush 2 ink drawing

Drawn with my finger, using the lovely ink in the Zen Brush 2 app. This is a print of it on Premio Kozo inkjet paper. I thought it’s creamy colour, and delicately textured surface, quite suited the subject matter. And it just happens that both the paper, and the art app, originate in Japan – a most suitable pairing!

Print of a watercolour landscape
This is a print I did of my original watercolour painting.

I used the “Scanner Pro” app to scan the above painting from my journal, into the iPad. I was glad to capture clearly the watercolour puddles. I love the texture of the watercolour paper, and how readily it takes up the inkjet, pigment ink.

The “Scanner Pro” app is easy to use, but does take a bit of practice; and as is usual with a scanned in artwork, I took it into Procreate to erase any unwanted shadows, soften edges, etc..Drawing and print of a woman

On the left above, is my original drawing on a small piece of brown Kraft paper. I really like the look of the white uni-ball pen on this paper, and so handy for highlights. The other one is a print of it on watercolour paper – I made some small changes in Procreate.

Sometimes I work on a print with pencils and watercolour.

I can get a print to look much the same as the scanned in art; and I enjoy the processes it takes to do that. However, I also enjoy making changes and drawing further on the scanned image, in an art app; sometimes doing minimal work, sometimes a lot.

I write more about various inkjet printing processes, here.

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