Woman with Dog – Gouache and a Bit of Pencil in Procreate

I’m doing more gouache painting lately, and I thought I’d also try gouache in Procreate on the iPad. I like the smooth, soft feel of gouache in this app – I also used the pencil for a few details around the woman’s eyes. I could get it to a fine point, even though I’m using my finger to draw with. 🙂

I did two little A6 artist proof prints (please see below). To get an effective print I make any necessary edits in: colour, contrast, cropping…on the iPad, in “Photos”, the app which comes with the iPad.

To scan in one of my traditional media artworks, I use the “Scanner Pro” app, or the iPad camera. Sometimes I make some edits in this app, before taking an image to “Photos”.

I put borders on an image in the “Pages” app, and then send it to the printer from there.

Woman and dog pic On the left the paper is the lovely Canson 220gsm drawing paper. The right one is Canson canvas 290gsm paper – quite like the interesting texture. Although I used the same edit settings for these, I think I’d change them a little for the canvas paper next time. Both papers are eco friendly. Occasionally, I use inkjet paper, but non-inkjet papers readily accept traditional media if I wish to add any. The printer uses pigment ink so it’s water and fade resistant.

Hmm, I’ll need to go back to Procreate and dab in stronger contrast and colour, in the top right corner.

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