Some Recent Artwork – Mixed Media, iPad Drawings and Prints, Watercolour, Ink pen….

In the above drawing I’ve begun with a flourish of my Pentel Brush pen, then I added some watercolour, coloured pencil, and Neopastels…and a little white gouache.

Mother and Baby
After taking a photo of the drawing with my iPad camera,  I softened it around the edges in Procreate. This is printed in black and white, and then I used coloured pencil over the top. I added the black border in the “Pages” app. I sent it to my home printer from this app – which is where I usually print from. There’s more info on my processes, here.

As is usual I’ve drawn quite a lot this past month…and to help a share a few of them here, I’ve again used the Pic Collage app to collate some of them together.

I have enjoyed revisiting the Art Set pro app, and continue to experiment with making my own prints of my iPad art (and also some reproductive prints of my art in traditional media); and sometimes working further on them in traditional art media. I generally print on hot pressed cotton watercolour paper – I particular like the feel of coloured pencil on this smooth paper. Another paper that feels and looks lovely with coloured pencils – and is quite good to print on – is Reeves Premium drawing paper, both in the 200gsm and 300gsm – it also takes a little watercolour quite well.

Though I can use watercolour with my inkjet pigment ink prints, as the ink doesn’t run, I’ve mainly used coloured pencil recently.

Drawn with my fingertip using the lovely naturalistic media in Art Set Pro.
Drawn with my fingertip in Procreate.
Used inkpen, watercolour, watersoluble graphite pencils in the first two…and the Pentel Brush Pen in the following pics.. the colour on the second pic of the bird on the birdbath is added in Procreate. The sketch on the lower left is of a scene in a local park. I did it in a sketchbook then drew in the colour in Procreate, and also used media to draw over and hide the middle seam of the sketchbook. I’ve since printed it with a black border, which was quite effective. The little house and landscape is drawn with the brush pen and watercolour.
I used a brush with black watercolour paint to do the pear and lemon drawing, then added colour in Procreate. The flowers on the top right, I did in the Zen Brush 3 app; the flowers bottom left, is A3 in size, and in watercolour… the middle drawing is in watercolour, and coloured pencil and ink pen. The flowers on the bottom right, are drawn with the Pentel Brush Pen and watercolour.

Hopefully my subject matter speaks for itself, as I really don’t like to title them, though I know a title can add extra meaning. And I do like words! And writing poems, particularly haiku – which I hope to do more of at some stage. However, as I tend to continually return to similar image territory, “if” I display any to sell, I think I’d just have a general name, and number them, as in my “Flower” series.

At the moment, I’ve wandered back into painting with acrylics… it’s been a while… Though I’m enjoying them, the whole process is often a little more time consuming than I like. Perhaps, eventually, some will be up to scratch enough to share here.

Thank you for viewing my art and words, and hope you are all keeping safe! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Some Recent Artwork – Mixed Media, iPad Drawings and Prints, Watercolour, Ink pen….

    1. Thanks Ken.. I put a warm, pinkish colour across the surface before I began drawing. I think that helped with the glow effect and of course our viewing screens help too! Though the print(s) I did of it looked quite glowy – however difficult to get an accurate photo of it to share.


  1. Hi Janette l have been doing mixed media aswell
    We are both very prolific aren’t we……l have been using a Lynne hoppe method a lot of different materials you can google her …..l love your books ……😌daphne

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    1. Thanks Daphne for your encouraging words! Glad to hear you get to do lots of art too. I had a look at Lynne Hoppe’s site – quite liked her art…though not keen seeing drawing over typed book pages. She certainly likes mixing up her media, and in most cases gets some great results.


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