Recent Investigations: Acrylic, Inktense Ink, Mixed Media…

*Painted with acrylics and Inktense ink mixed with acrylic mediums, on 11” x 14” (about 27cm x 35cm) canvases.

I painted with lots of thin glazes – a technique which I commonly used years ago. These two are not all together successful, but some aspects of catching the light effects are passable.

I’m keen to explore “tonalism” in my painting… may eventually try more of that with oils (and watercolour, and art app media) as well.

In my revisit to acrylics these past weeks, I’ve completed many smaller canvases as well. I’m not happy with most of the results, and I’m likely to paint over them. That’s ok, I know perseverance, and lots of practice are both vital to improving skills in drawing or painting, or in just about anything.

The two acrylics below are also on 11” x 14” inch canvases. I’ve used the paint a little more thickly, however, perhaps due to my love of watercolour, I also did a fair bit of glazing.

I often forget that I can completely reshape, and redo sections of a painting with white paint – so unlike watercolour!

These are a little too garish for my liking, but there are parts that I think work.

In between my acrylic adventures/struggles I continue on with other more familiar art media.

I’ve made more little sketchbooks…the top right is an accordion book, 2” x 3” (approx.5cm x 7cm) with a patterned cover I printed for it. The one below is “saddle stitched” but I used a too thick cord to stitch it…ever learning and so much fun! A tiny watercolour on the top left. The pear is coloured pencil over a tiny Lino print I did…may do more Lino cuts. On the bottom right, a very small watercolour and coloured pencil..3” x 4”.

I often begin a painting on canvas with gouache, Inktense ink washes or watercolour, then start in with the acrylics… Dipping into my Inktense blocks is nice and easy – I’m so not used to using tubes of paint.

Watercolour on cotton paper at the top.Then watercolour on a tiny “3 x 2 1/2” canvas overlaid with matte acrylic medium, then more watercolour, then gloss acrylic medium… and white acrylic paint…the bottom small canvas is a mix of gouache, Inktense ink, acrylic mediums…

All these above are under 4” x 6” in size… I love doing miniatures. Some more small works below.

The girl sitting was a quick sketch with a  Pentel Brush pen, then added colour in the Procreate app. Watercolour and ink pen top right. Tiny watercolour on a lovely cotton paper underneath. Another tiny about 3” x 4” coloured pencil drawing, using some of my new delicious, “Derwent Lightfast”, coloured pencils. A little inkpen and watercolour bottom left – I’ve added a few more tree branches between the house since this photo. I think I can get a little too particular!

This is a view from where I live, towards the hills. Watercolour and inkpen on approx.14cm x 21cm cotton paper.

Thanks for visiting! Stay safe.

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