A Rush Around with A Pentel Brush Pen, and Some Watercolour

These three Roma tomatoes are from our garden. They are an unusual shaped variety, and with their brilliant red skins…just needed to be drawn! 

The Pentel brush pen is a joy to use. With a change in pressure and angle and you can swiftly produce either thick or quite fine lines. I may use a little white gouache over some unruly lines – carefully, as too much will cause a loss of vitality to the drawing.

I drew it in a A5 Fabriano Venezia Journal, which has 200gsm paper – it takes watercolour fairly well. 

As much as I love to experiment with many types of art media, and styles, the simplicity of line and wash (on paper and sometimes in an art app) is perhaps, my most favourite place to return to. Also, as I mention in this post here, it’s been the easiest to fit into a busy family life.

Enjoy your day! Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “A Rush Around with A Pentel Brush Pen, and Some Watercolour

    1. Thanks, such encouraging words! I have sold locally little handmade illustrated books/poems, art prints, and cards..and have thoughts on doing more of that, but finding the time is tricky. May revisit online selling in my little shop here… I do need to swish up my RedBubble shop a bit – fun to do – perhaps I’ll add more like this to it. Just as well I don’t sell art as a business venture, because to really sell much of anything online requires all that tedious self promotional stuff! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photographs. Enjoy your day.


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