Sunset Landscape

Drawn with my fingertip, using paint media and the smudge tool, in the “Procreate” app. Thoroughly enjoyed pushing and smudging around these colours as I attempted a sort of sunset landscape. My iPad art, aside from being an end in itself, gives me ideas for similar works in my traditional art media.

I did this from my imagination, with some ideas I gained from viewing landscape paintings in a “tonal” style. A style that intrigues me! I’ll print this landscape, and see how it goes.

Mostly I do my own printing of my iPad art, and some “reproductive” prints of my traditional artworks. However, to do a very large print I upload it to my, “RedBubble”shop, and order it from there. Firstly I use the “Big Photo” app to increase the pixel dimensions for these large prints. There’s an example of one of them towards the end of this post, “Four Landscapes”.  They always turn out really well, without any “pixelation”. I have more info about these areas on my page, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe.

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