Delightful “feel” when drawing in these art apps

I used charcoal, oil pastel and smudge tools in the Art Set Pro app, and used a brown textured paper in the app.

I drew this in the “Sketch Block” app, using the pencil and watercolour.

An excellent feature of this app, is you can replay your drawing process and if you wish make a recording of it and send a copy to the “iPhoto” section of your iPad. Then, as you see above you can share the video with others.

Love –  the lush pencil and the look of the paper and how whooshy the watercolour is in this app. As with all  the apps I draw and paint in, the media in this one, has a distinct rich “feel”.

Whether I use my finger or a stylus (though I rarely use a stylus) there’s still a luxurious “feel” – difficult to find the right descriptive word. Due, I think, to seeing the amazing mark making properties of the various media as you draw and paint.

 It can be an unexpected experience; and come as a surprise when you first start to draw on the glass screen. It certainly adds another pleasurable aspect to doing my art in this way. And I find, I become just as engrossed in the drawing and painting processes on my iPad, as I do when working on paper or canvas: even though I’m working with pixels, it matters not at all.

More of my thoughts on drawing and painting on my iPad on a previous post and on my page “About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books”.

Interested to know your thoughts (or experiences) on iPad art

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