You can crop an artwork to change it’s composition: slideshow

When you begin a drawing or painting, you often have a particular focus point; a place where you want the viewer’s eye to be primarily drawn.

In this slide show, you can see three artworks I drew in “Art Set Pro” which I had completed, but thought I’d try out a few cropping ideas. This can strengthen and/or completely change the focal point in a picture.

I try and keep the focal point in mind during the drawing process and use: the shapes, lines and colour (if I’m using it) to direct the eye around the picture space – then back to the focus area.

I often have to chop and change my artworks, perhaps just a little; perhaps a lot! However, if I lightly map out the overall composition at the beginning; this helps keep me on track so that any changes can be made sooner rather than later.

It’s easier to crop the artworks I do on my iPad, than works I do on paper.

To crop the drawings in the slideshow I used the “iPhotos” app on my iPad.

I used “Phonto” to put the copyright symbol and name on them.  I use this app a lot; I find it one of the easiest apps, for putting text on pictures. There’s more about apps I use on my page, “Some App Information”.

Although I  do make slideshows in WordPress itself; which work very well. Sometimes I use the “SlideshowPro” app; quite enjoy trying out the various types of transitions you can do between each slide.

A cropped version from the slideshow.I have a picture of an uncropped version of the pears on my “About” page.

As for the oranges, I prefer the cropped rectangular picture. However, before I’ll be happy with it, I will need to work on some of the colours.

Always lots of decisions to make during the process of creating an artwork and then it still may not work out! Good fun though.


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