Welcome to My Blog.

Hi, great to have you here. This is my first post, well, the first one set to public viewing. I’ve been busy getting it all ready.

I share with you here my my adventures in drawing and painting on an iPad; as well as my art in traditional media: watercolour, ink pen, pencil…. With a scattering of my poems – mostly haiku and illustrations, along the way.

I’ve found some lovely art apps, with amazing mark making properties. I just tap to access: paint, oil pastel, pencil…and more. With my finger (rarely use a stylus) I sketch down lines, lay down paint; use tone and colour, and create artworks very similar in look and style to my works in traditional media: watercolour, pencil, gouache, acrylic….

I’m no techno whizz, and was glad to find apps, that are straightforward, and easy to use.  I talk more about these apps on my page, ”Some App Informaton“. 

I also sprinkle through my blog some drawing and writing tips: (more on my writing further along). Below is a selection of my iPad art to show the different media and styles I like to work in.*I often put more information on image captions about the art media used.

A selection of iPad art
This is a selection of my iPad art, I put together to show,  some of the styles and media I like to work in. The top, picture with “Mother as Writer” on it, is my cover to the handmade book, I did quite a few years ago. I did it line and watercolour, on paper.

Drawing is a learnable skill

One, very important reason I want to have a blog (such a odd sounding word) is to help and encourage people (myself too) in their own art and writing adventures.

I’m always keen to help people learn to draw (my formal qualifications are on my “About” page) If you don’t have an iPad, a simple pencil and paper are fine for trying out some of my drawing tips and ideas; and to produce a finished drawing. As much as I love my new found art apps, can anything really surpass: paper and pencil!

Drawing with poem
I wrote and drew this quickly, last year. I often have to work quickly, always plenty of other work to be done here at home! Used the pencil in the “Tayasui Sketches” app. Put it all together in “Book Creator”.

There are slideshows and short videos on my blog, which I put together to demonstrate my drawing processes and various artworks.

There is a way to “look” and “see” which is vital to being able to draw well: a very learnable skill. I’m passionate on these matters, and they will certainly come up in my posts..better move on before I write a short novel about drawing!

About my Writing

I write poems and illustrate them and as with my art, and have become quite adept at fitting it all in between a hectic family life. As a mum of four boys (young men now); it’s not always been easy to do. My lovely husband, is also a great dad, which helps a lot.

In  “Write and Draw on the Run: the Way to Get it Done!”..I talk about how my words and pictures often unfold or perhaps – unravel! My home-life inspires me, and is a common theme in my art and words.

Mother and child
I painted this with watercolour over ink pen line, quite a while back. Scanned it in from a photocopy, using the “Scanner Pro” app. Filed the original away somewhere! I’ve used my copier a lot, over the years, mostly for making handmade books and cards.

My poems, are prone to turn into handmade books, such as “Mother as Writer”.

I love to write haiku.
I’m very fond of small poetic forms; hmm perhaps, not so obvious from this long introductory post 🙂 There’s more about my writing and about me, on my, “About” page, and “Some App Information”. Also a snippet about me on my home/blog page sidebar.

Cushion haiku
Watercolour and ink pen on paper. From my handmade book, “Poems from Home, A Collection of illustrated Haiku”.

The Online World, and Blog Building

Until about a year ago, (written in 2015) I knew little about social media, and didn’t have a email address and rarely used the internet – things have certainly changed!

I built my blog, on my iPad. I’m not very computer savvy at all, and rarely use one; very impressed with WordPress: their web/blog themes and support.

Arranging and setting up my content for my blog, has been a hugely enjoyable experience. I’ve learnt about: widgets (sounds like insects!) image files, responsive themes, how to make a picture gallery and so on..Also how to put in links; which I use frequently – it makes for easier navigation around my posts and pages.

A keyboard is always attached to my iPad. Not only is it great for extended periods of writing on a screen, but also prevents the iPad keyboard, popping up, when I’m working in the dashboard of my blog, and arrange my art onto the “Pages” app. I use this app a lot; more information on my page,  ”Some App Information.”

My iPad, among other things is: an art studio, gallery, art journal, notebook, sketchbook and a portal to a vast web galaxy. It reminds me of the Tardis in Dr.Who. Recently, I sat looking at my iPad art on the walls of the local cafe, and then at my little mini iPad (an iPad Pro 10.5”  2018 -2020) on the cafe table; and marvelled, how such a large body of work, came from this small device. There is a photo of  some of my artwork on the cafe walls near the top of this page.

My Art on Practical Things

With my iPad art(when I have time!) I make bookmarks, ( I love books) cards, place mats …First I set up my artworks in the “Pages” app; then they are laser printed; usually onto glossy paper. I use a matt laminate (which I particularly like) or sometimes gloss to laminate them. I sell them locally. Love to see my art on practical things, as well as on the wall – and of course, in my small handmade books. *Since writing this, I’ve moved into printing more of my iPad art myself, and sometimes mix traditional and iPad media in the same pic. 

Conclusion: but Really Just the Beginning

My plan is to post here, every two to three weeks – perhaps more often, when time permits. I’ll see how it all goes.
I give thanks to God, for this blogging opportunity (actually, for everything); and I intend to make the most of it.

A beginning, yet also a continuation; a record of what I always do: draw, write, paint….

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Have a great day!

21 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog.

    1. Thank you. Really enjoy your art and writing. From what I’ve read, and seen on your blog, I can see you are very skilled in both of these areas. I look forward to learning from, and sharing with, each other! Great to meet a fellow artist, who also explores drawing and painting on an iPad.☺️


  1. How very interesting – boy – the world is changing so fast – I never knew that anyone could even do what you are doing on iPad – you are so creative. Admire what you are doing..keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, for your lovely comment. Yep, lots of new techno things these days! Only found these art apps about a year and a half ago, and, as is probably obvious by my blog, really enjoying them. I love your watercolours; I’ve used them a lot, myself, over the years, till recently. I’ll get back to doing more…eventually. I’ll probably incorporate some into my art apps, by scanning them into my iPad. Looking forward to seeing more of your watercolours in the future; thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


  2. Welcome to blogging! I love your art and am amazed that you get the depth of detail from your iPad. I have been blogging for three of four years now and I can tell you that it has given me so much confidence and joy. I have two blogs going and books as well. I can tell that you will do well. Looking forward to your future creative works!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. I’m enjoying blogging so so far. Certainly getting to see many interesting blogs and chat to some lovely people..Love your writing and pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts. 🙂


  3. Hello, thank you for dropping by and following my blog. I love the things you are doing with your iPad, some amazing effects. Brilliant. I stopped at 3 boys so I can imagine how busy your life has been……. my boys are are also grown into young men now so hence my own interest in picking up my artistic activities. I shall follow along with you. Sue


    1. Thank you. I love your drawings; and you’ve made quilts too; bet they’re lovely! I haven’t made any myself. I would like to have had opportunity to do that and also: appliqué; cross-stitch…… However, apart from sewing up a few clothes when the boys were little ,( yes, four boys were/ are very busy, three are also! My fourth was a lovely surprise) I’ve only had time to admire such work. Hmmm, perhaps there’s time yet. However with writing, blogging and nowadays also exploring and using these wonderful art apps (and hope to also do some more work on paper and canvas); there still may still be not enough time, but thats ok! I joke with the boys (young men) I’m too busy for grandchildren, but I reckon that’ll be great! Impressed with how you are now taking up drawing! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your lovely posts. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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  4. Your work looks so nice Janette, I really enjoyed watching your video clip. Your style is very fun and whimsical. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on your 31st tutorial! Thank you… you put such a lot of thought and work into them! So generous of you to share your amazing talent in this way. Thank you for the nomination, and your lovely words about me! However, I dont partake in awards, the time factor being the main reason. 🙂 Actually, I feel honoured enough that you thought to nominate me! I love your blog and as ever look forward to your future posts. All the best, Janette. 🙂


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