A Drawing Scanned into My iPad; and also an Art App Drawing.

A few years back I did some artworks using oil pastel on paper; over which I brushed on a thin wash of black paint. This simple technique makes the colours stand out quite vividly. On my kitchen wall, is a bright orange flower drawing I did back then, using this method. Today I did a another version of it, using a completely different method – by drawing it in the “Art Set Pro” app, on my iPad.

They each have qualities I like.

The one above is in oil pastel.

Orange flowers
Used the paint and smudge tools in “Art Set Pro” app.

The scanned in flowers, though fairly bright on paper are even more vivid here; a rather nice effect of using the “Scanner Pro” app. 

Knowing when to stop working on a drawing or painting is itself, an important part of the whole process! I’m still learning how to do that. 🙂


9 thoughts on “A Drawing Scanned into My iPad; and also an Art App Drawing.

    1. I’m glad it worked out alright. When I first tried out “Big Photo” I emailed a resized pic, to the place where I usually send my art (an office supply store) and the image file was way too big for their laser printer to print it; she could only see a small part of it on her computer screen. I could see it was going to do the job, such a great app! Just what I needed to upsize my art for my site on the RedBubble online store. I’m really pleased, how well my iPad art prints up on the laser printer and it costs very little. My home printer is pretty good, but can be very expensive if you use it a lot. Thanks for your comment; no you don’t bug me! Find it all quite interesting. What size canvas is your print on? Perhaps you could share a photo of the print on canvas, in a post, love to see it. 🙂 Have a lovely day.


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