iPad drawings in charcoal, mixed media: thoughts on art apps; and some links.

A bit more about the “Art Set Pro” app.

This past week I tried out more of the media in the “Art Set Pro” app. I’ve spent a while using the paints and oil pastels and a bit of crayon, pencil…. in this app; but I’ve hardly (mainly due to lack of time) “touched” on – quite the appropriate word – all the other media it offers.

I’ve also recently drawn a little in the “Bamboo Paper” app. I enjoy the “feel” of it’s media, however I’d enjoy it even more, if it also supplied smudge tools.

The smudge tools (aside from the incredibly naturalistic media) are what sets “Art Set Pro” apart from many other art apps. They are just so handy, and replicate much of what I use when I draw or paint, on paper and canvas.

Face 19
Hmm, a rather glum expression, though does show the marker pens, lovely grey paper, charcoal and the white conte pastel, in the Art Set Pro app.

In the app store I wrote a review, stating the excellence of “Art Set Pro” and gave it the highest rating.

The charcoal in “Art Set Pro” offers an accurate “feel” and look of this particular drawing media. To the point, I sometimes, while pushing and smudging it with my finger (don’t like to use a stylus) I stop to wipe my hands – at least momentarily!

Bowl on table
This one of the lovely papers in the Art Set Pro app. Charcoal shows up so well on it, and I really like the way the white conte pastel looks on it’s grainy surface. I used the smudge tools, as well. All drawn in “Art Set Pro”.

Art apps can be a valuable addition to the traditional media and tools that artists already use. The advantage of using an iPad (or an android art app – though as yet, Art Set Pro is not available on an Android tablet) is you don’t need any previous skills in computer or digital art – it’s simple and straightforward.*Update: I have also found “Procreate” app, and “UBrush Pro” have delightful, natural looking (and feeling!) art media.

Someone looking at the moon
A quick sketch using: marker pens, oil pastels, charcoal, a thin paint wash smudge tools in”Art Set Pro”.
Lemon in bowl
The one on the top left I began in “Bamboo Paper” app.  Added more colour the top right. Then bottom, left, added little more watercolour again and put in the line at the back; a compositional element which makes the bowl look as if it’s sitting on a  flat surface. The last one on the bottom right, has been imported into, “Art Set Pro” , where I use those great smudge tools . Also added bit of graphite pencil under the lemon and the bowl.
A lemon in a bowl
A quick drawing in “Art Set Pro”. Used thin paint washes, ink pen, smudge tools, graphite pencil.

You can read a few more thoughts on these matters at the top (of my rather long) page, “Some App Information”. and in my post, “Drew it On My iPad; I Drew it not App.”.

Links to some other artists using art apps

Athursdayschild – all her artwork is beautiful; she paints lovely faces and is also a writer.
Portfoliolongo  Great artwork, woodwork and very funny cartoons; he is also a very talented muscian as well!
Daily Wip “Works in Progress” by Tracy Bezesky  Lovely works in acrylic, oils, watercolour, pastels..some work in clay; and also creates amazing animations; and uses the “Art Set Pro” app.

To finish, a few words on the “Scanner Pro” app.

Woman, baby and toddler.
A pencil and watercolour, I did on paper, quite a fews years back. Scanned from a colour copy version I had . Needs a bit of a touch up on the left…”Scanner Pro” is so handy.

To the right is a scan I did my iPad, of one of my watercolours (it was actually a colour copy version) on paper. I just held the iPad near it while it was on the wall, as I just quickly wanted to show a friend how easy it was to use my iPad and the “Scanner Pro” app. It turned out better than I thought; given that it wasn’t in a very good light.

I often print my iPad art. *There’s more info on my printing processes here.

Sometimes I like to add more media to the print. Or perhaps rescan it; add more media in an art app; print it again…..and so on..endless! And lots of fun!

Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “iPad drawings in charcoal, mixed media: thoughts on art apps; and some links.

  1. Thank you for sharing a link to my “illustroblog.” You are an inspiration in many ways, and your work, captivating. Your personal engagement makes such a difference; it’s positively contagious. I enjoy being connected. You’re helping me understand why I do this.


    1. Great you are trying it all out. Love your artwork! I use my finger, rather than a stylus…much prefer it, but I think a lot of people prefer to use a stylus..Looking forward to your future posts. 🙂

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  2. Got the pix here and will link to you from my blog. Gonna enjoy your posts. You have several apps I haven’t met yet 🙂

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  3. It is interesting what you can now do on an IPad. You are getting very good.. I still do it the old fashioned way – pencil on paper or paint on canvas.

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    1. Thank you…I do think because the iPad is so quick and easy to set up and get drawing and painting, that I get a lot more time to practice…and I get to experiment with the different media, so I do see some improvement. However, it really does look very much like works I do on paper and canvas, and in some ways I’m just getting better, at making my iPad art look like my other art.
      My studies and training are in the traditional fine arts, so I’m no techno whizz, just glad I found art apps that have great natural looking media and are very easy to use. My favourite app is “Art Set Pro”….when using the paint, oil pastel etc particulary in this app, ..it just “feels” lovely to use…hard to describe really. Near the top of my page, “About Some Art Apps, Other Apps and My Books”, I write about it and there’s a photo of it’s colourful media layout. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work, in your future posts. 🙂
      Cheerio, Janette.


  4. Hi Janette: Wow! I don’t have an ipad, just my laptop and android phone …I have never even considered working like this …. busy with art fair but hope to review and get back to you
    thanks for your post,

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