Printing iPad Art (an excerpt from my new page)

*This post is an excerpt, from a new page of the same title, I’ve just added it to my blog.

Pre – Ramble – I mean Amble. 

In these past two or so years; I’ve explored extensively drawing (with my finger tip, which I prefer over using a stylus) on my iPad – an exciting adventure! And have investigated ways to give my iPad art a physical home in print.

I’ve recorded here some of my research, thoughts and experiences, in the field of digital printing. Some of which, I’ve already posted a little about. Sharing information, about iPad art and digital printing, can only be a good thing; as it seems there’s (though it’s changing) a lot of misconceptions – often negative ones – about both these areas. Following are points I look at:

  • making prints of works on paper.
  • Differences between iPad art “original prints” and “reproduction prints”.
  • About giclee/inkjet printing – some links about open and limited print editions.
  • About prints I make at home.
  • Art for all

I’m learning as I go along; and as I’m no expert in these matters, I do recommend you read, the links I’ve

Laser prints
A couple of laser prints

sprinkled throughout this page, as they expand on some of the points I make. *I don’t necessarily, agree with all viewpoints, on these linked websites.
If you have some information you’d like to share, the comment section for this page, is open at my blog.

I’ll keep this page updated, with any info and links I find helpful; and hope it will also be a help to you.

Making Prints of Works on Paper 

Over the years, I’ve often used a colour copier/printer to scan and make “reproduction” prints of my watercolours, ink pen, and pencil works.

Please see my page, to read more… Thank you.

*2022 update: this page is now called, “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”. I continue to expand upon and update the information on this “page”.

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