Two Artworks Painted in the “Art Set Pro” App.

*I draw and paint with my finger on the iPad screen, rather than use a stylus.

Though I experiment and enjoy working with media in other art apps, “Art Set Pro”, continues to be my favourite art app.

Painting of flowers
A similar “imaginary” landscape to the other one. Added the yellow flowers, and did some smudging, but left some  brush strokes blunt, rather than soften their edges. In general, a little more abstraction than I usually do.

4 thoughts on “Two Artworks Painted in the “Art Set Pro” App.

  1. I really like the smudging between land and sky in the top piece, and the lovely mottling of the sky – looks like an oil painting. Interestingly, the bottom piece has sky that looks like watercolor to me. Can you ‘bleed’ in other colors to the sky if you wanted, like actual watercolor? Does the base color of the sky stay ‘wet’ so you can drop little bits of color in that spread out and diffuse?

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    1. Hi Pat, thanks for your comment. When you the thin this paint in the app, it does look like watercolour. Though I didn’t use it here, there is a “sponge” as well, and when you can drag it across the paint it disperses in interesting watery ways. You can’t drop colour in, as you describe. However, there is an app, called “Auryn Ink”, which to use is so much like watercolour, it’s amazing. The developers are still refining it – quite impressed with what they’ve created so far. I’ve been trying it out, and also watercolour in “ArtRage”, which is wonderful. I’ll share more about them soon. Really must get onto sharing some videos of me painting and drawing on my iPad. 🙂 It’ll be helpful for people to see this type of media in action… Cheerio, Janette

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