A Few Faces, with Some Process Pics, Painted in the “UBrush Pro” app

*I draw and paint, with my finger on the iPad, rather than use a stylus. *Just touch on a pic above to enlarge them all.

As in my previous post, I’ve used the watercolour and coloured pencil in “UBrush Pro”. I’ve updated the app, but have had only time for a quick play with the oil pastel and the extra paint features. Looking forward to trying them out properly.

My “go to” for trying out any new media, is to draw “faces”.  Though I draw them anyway, as you may have noticed. I’ve shared about this, on a post called – to state the obvious – “About Drawing Faces”.  🙂

Painting of a woman

Drawing of a woman

Hope you have a great weekend; and get to draw, paint, write… Whether on an iPad, paper, canvas or android tablet.

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