Landscapes – Watercolour, Gouache, Pencil, Ink Pen, Art App Media…

*I painted this on A4 220gsm Canson drawing paper - it holds washes surprisingly well, for a drawing paper. I began with some quick lines using a “Faber-Castell, Dark Sepia Pitt” artist pen, and then added watercolour. These are a few of the many landscapes I’ve attempted in recent months. I’m finding this quite a... Continue Reading →

Watercolour, Gouache, Art App Media – Some Works in Progress

Since returning to using more of my traditional art media, I’m really enjoying the interplay between working both, off screen and on screen - reminds me of Star trek terminology - such as: catching a pencil sketch with the “Scanner Pro” app, playing about with it in an art app... printing it... then perhaps applying... Continue Reading →

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