Some Recent ArtWorks, and a Bit About My Exhibition

These are drawn and painted in a few different apps, and I did get to try out the oil pastel in the “UBrush Pro” app, which I mentioned in a previous post. *More info with the pics below, on the captions – to enlarge them all, just tap on one image.

Looking at my art in this gallery, and in the “Segue” gallery (I talk about this exhibition, further along) has helped me to better see where I’m going with media and subject matter, and how I may make changes. Hmm, I could try turning the heads in a different direction!

*Drawn and painted with my finger, on the iPad.

Recently, I had an exhibition of some of my iPad art, along with a fellow artist – and her beautiful watercolours – at “Segue”; a local community art and craft venue.

It was a busy time, finishing off some works, printing them up here, at home; and placing them into some simple, but effective black A4 frames. I share about various aspects of printing and presenting iPad art, on a new page I recently added to my blog – “Printing iPad and Traditional Art”. I’d show you a photo of the exhibit, but can’t find where that went to at the moment.. Anyway, you may well have seen most of the works.

I’ve returned to using some traditional media on paper latelyI’ll scan some in, and share them soon.

Some of the my art in the exhibition was displayed without glass, using an acrylic gloss medium, overlaid with a uv satin varnish to protect the print. Aside from liking the look of these types of finishes; it saves me having to fuss around with glass – not one of favourite jobs!

I also love the look of a matt finish. Actually I print my iPad art onto a lovely matt paper, which beautifully picks up the colours and contrasts. So I searched around for a matt finish and found one online called “Timeless”.

I’ve tried it, and it’s pretty much invisible…just as they claimed. Lovely!

As the pigment ink in my printer, does not smudge or smear, (dries almost immediately) I can apply these finishes with a brush. No sprays wafting around, which is great. If the paper curls a bit once its dry, I just flatten it out between heavy books for a few hours. When I display them in a frame (without glass) this also flattens them out.

I’ll experiment more (I’ve tried this with with very small prints, there’s an example in the gallery above) with using the medium/varnish to glue a print to a canvas backing.

Thank you for stopping by.

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