Flowers 1.B, Painted on my iPad

Painted using watercolour, in the UBrush Pro app.

6 thoughts on “Flowers 1.B, Painted on my iPad

    1. Thank you Laura! Though, just noticed the link didn’t show in the WordPress reader, though it is on my blog! Really enjoying your posts… Have a lovely creative day, though it is early evening over here in Australia. 🙂

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  1. I love this and am amazed what we can do with all of this technology at our fingertips…I’ve been playing around with the Pen Tablet and have found this to be so relaxing… and I’m loving the back step when I’ve made a mistake.. Beautiful art here my dear in this post .. Bravo…

    Take care, Laura

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    1. Thank you! Yep, love some of these new technologies! Although, I’m a traditionally trained artist, I’m really enjoying, drawing and painting on my iPad. The art apps I use (I use my finger, rather than a stylus) have such great natural looking media! I love your photos…cute bird and dog pics, gardening ideas..hope you keep on drawing, it is (mostly) relaxing 🙂 and yes that go back button comes in pretty handy at times! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. ~ Janette

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    2. Janetteartandwords, Thanking you kindly for your comments…My favorite type of painting years ago was right on glass with Indian Ink and acrylic paints…I loved how the owner of the art would have to be gentle with the paintings and not crack the glass. I’ve dabbled in crafts all of my life (many decades) and find such peace while doing so…I love how you said you used your finger instead of the stylus, wow that’s great and fun I’m sure. I’ve been working on the Pen Tablet drawing illustrations for a short story I did last year and plan on putting it on here and on YouTube.. I hope you stop by when I post these and tell me what you think.. I’m still a newbie with this new technology, so be gentle.. wink…Take care, Laura

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