“Golden Trees, Blue Hills”, Painted in the “UBrush Pro” App

Painted with my finger, on the iPad. An imaginary landscape, but no doubt influenced by the beautiful countryside around me. Often I  gaze over to the hills, when I take our dogs for a walk. Though, I’m more likely to see our lovely gumtrees, and Australian bush, than these type of trees. Poetic licence! 🙂 I plan to do more landscapes, and feature some of our local trees soon.

Working on my iPad, in these past couple of years or so, has enabled me to rapidly progress in the areas of: composition, colour, line… and refine some ideas on subject matter. Happily, I find some of this learning (always something to learn), also transfers across to my art in traditional media.

Of course, the dexterity in handling watercolour (acrylics, oil pastels…) on paper/canvas, is a ongoing learning process. And on an iPad/tablet screen, there is also a particular set of skills to learn. For me it’s certainly not a either/or situation. I’m delighted – blessed – to have the choice to use both iPad and traditional tools and media. With also the option (fun) of sometimes merging pixels and paint into one piece of artwork.

Hope you are having fun, drawing and painting; whether on, paper, canvas, iPad or android tablet!

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