Changing the Landscape – and About Printing iPad and Traditional Media Artworks

If you saw my last post this image will look familiar. I deleted that post….wasn’t too happy with it; though thanks for the “likes”. This is the same artwork as a print in monotone, (and with some little changes) on a 100% eco cream card – this is from a great Australian company – BuyEcoGreen. It’s a lovely cream colour with tiny flecks through it – now (2022) this particular card is unfortunately unavailable. I also took the image (the monotone version) back into the ‘Procreate” app, and added a touch more grey in places. As well, I cropped it further before printing it.

I also printed this image on 200gsm 100% recycled Fabriano – white ecological artist paper. A beautiful paper; it takes watercolour very well. You can see an example of watercolour over this same monotone pic below. *Just tap on a pic, to enlarge them all. 

I’m experimenting a lot with printing my art, both my iPad and works on paper and canvas.  Often merging the two types of media together within the one image. I sometimes use Epson Archival Matte for my prints – it seems Epson has good “green” environmental policies for it’s products. I’m also using eco friendly, FSC certified paper (or 100% cotton or Bamboo paper) for both my traditional media, and my iPad art prints.

I gave another Workshop recently, titled: Traditional Drawing: on Paper and iPad or Android Tablet – Expressive Line Drawing. Used pencil on paper, and scanned in the work into SketchBook Pro (has a scanner built in, and is available on both iPad and Android tablets) and then printed it. Everyone did some great work. As with my last Workshop, this one went really well. I was determined to take photos of it, but sorry yet again, forgot to do so!

Also, the landscape is changing (as per this post’s title) in the focus of my art processes. Though continuing to use art app media, I’ve returned to using more of my traditional media: watercolours, pencil, goauche…. thankful for so many choices! And, as is inevitable for us all, with the passing of time, there are many changes and challenges in life – good and not so good. I find much comfort in this scripture (along with many others).

“For I am the Lord, I change not;…” Malachi 3:6 KJV

Hope to share soon, more about making prints of my art.

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Changing the Landscape – and About Printing iPad and Traditional Media Artworks

  1. Again, I wish I lived nearby so I could attend. I could use a skilled artist/teacher to expose me to new perspectives and techniques and to draw out parts of me that long to see daylight. All the best to you and those who attend. I look forward to future posts; a videotape of the event would be an answer to one of my prayers. I know it’s a hassle and maybe even a distraction, so I look forward to the post(s).

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    1. Thanks Paul, would be great to have you there! However, you are already sailing along fine with your excellent drawings skills, and do amazing work with art app media. Though I know what you mean, there is always new things to learn in drawing…reckon practice, and more practice is a key element in any skill learning. Hmm, me in front of a video camera, not a likely event, would feel a bit strange. 🙂 Though I do plan to continue sharing what I hope are informative posts. I certainly glean a lot of helpful art tips from other bloggers, including you. Enjoy your day… ~ Janette

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