A Monoprint – with Watercolour, and Art App Media

*Monoprint, Watercolour, and Art App media in Procreate.

I’ve printed it onto Canson 220gsm drawing paper, with lightfast inks, on my inkjet printer. Handy to be able to turn that my “monoprints” into “plurals”! *

Available as a Art print on lightly textured, Japanese Kozo 180gsm inkjet paper in my “Shop”

Since publishing this post last year (2018) I thought I’d republish it to share about: some small changes I made to it (please see the image below).

I drew in a little more yellow colour to her hair with Gesinski Ink, and added some pencil lines – using the art media in Procreate.

I’ve also saturated the colour a little in Photos, on the iPad; which made the black ink a little more blue in places.

In the process of printing it I know the colours will be knocked back a bit, which is what I aimed for. I’ve learnt by trial and error, how the screen image differs from the printed image. And I do a proof prints to check this. I can’t use ICC profiles to inform my printer about any print/paper image details, as I use the iPad, not a computer to send my art to my printer. I find my methods work well enough, and I quite enjoy the whole process!

There’s more about my printing processes here.


Hope to do more mono-printing soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

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